Monday, August 25, 2014

Review: Charm Bracelets, XOXO

I always thought charm bracelets were gorgeously beautiful. Classy and elegant. It just looks so lovely on a lady's dainty wrist.
I am sure many of you heard of Pandora. Much as it is beautiful, who can deny it? I always thought it was disturbingly expensive. The bracelet itself could cost about a hundred and each charm would cost about half a hundred. *Gasp* It just doesn't make any sense to me to break an arm to buy something to wear on your arm!
Can you tell which is the real Pandora? Or how many Pandoras are there in the collage? I have to say there are so many gorgeous charm bracelets out there that can easily pose off as a fake. But hey, at least it is affordable and I still have my arm :P
Thought I would like to share with you The Bubble Charms. Elaine, the owner has kindly customised me one for a review. Pink with cute Eiffel Tower charm, there was no reason not to make my heart squeal with delight!
The first thing I did when I got it was pretty much take a photo of it to boast to my BF. The plastic was a dead giveaway it was just a charm bracelet. But he thought it was customized rather well, reflecting my somewhat flighty airhead nature and my love for exquisite trinkets!
I wore it a week after and surprise surprise, my friends thought it was a real. They were like checking it out and asking where it was from. Cos it was really gorgeous and best of all affordable. And it can pull off as a Pandora! Boy~~~that made me felt good! It always makes me swell when I found a good deal!
BC 2
It is actually a silver colour, not sure why it looked golden in one of the photos...Anyway, some tips if you are planning to get a charm bracelet. 
1. Do get additional 1-2cm so that the bracelet will not be too tight
2. You may not be used to the clasp. I wear it by pressing against a surface (either my body or the table) to put on the bracelet :)
3. One end is an unsecure side. I didn't know and my charms slipped out while I was putting on the bracelet at the lift lobby. You should have seen my face! Horror! But the charms were very sturdy. None of the bling came out :) :) :) I was very pleased with it.
4. The charms can be re-arranged so it is like you can have a new bracelet every other day. Mix and Match. Take 1 out. Add 2 in. The options are endless!
I am not sure about you. But I love charm bracelets. It is a must have in a girl's collection, though it could be a little expensive. So do check out The Bubble Charms, cos I think her price is pretty decent for such quality. Quote "ChaaYen" and you will get 10% off + free normal postage!!! ;)Totally worth it :) And by the way, the collage only had 1 real pandora *winks*

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