Monday, August 18, 2014

Pretty Little Things Part 5

Sorry, this time it is a little. As you may (or may not) now, I was in Taiwan for vacation...Yipee.
I went to stay in a lot of minsu so if I have the time, I shall post them up if there are no work, revision etc, bogging me there (which is unfortunately...highly unlikely). :( :( :(
Cards Culture
I am hoping you guys are really into clay gift boxes because here I have some themed gift boxes from Cards Culture to share. There are many different series available, ranging from sports, wedding and even birthday! The adorable figurines you see are made of air dried clay! Being so aesthetically pleasing, I just had to give them a shout-out. A 3D greeting card, this is something you can definitely giving for special occasions such as anniversary or V-day! I am sure it will wow your girl!
Also, Audrey from Cards Culture offer customisation. You would have to give some thought on the colour theme and place the orders 1-2 weeks in advance. Audrey can be contacted via email at Do feel free to visit their instagram (@cardsculture) to look through more of their designs. :) 
If you are in the arty mood and need to own a piece of art, do check out DuttiePOP! Here, you can collections based on characters, sports idols, iconic people and celebrities. True to its mission of making art available to the masses, DuttiePOP holds a wide selection of art pieces at very affordable price.

My favourite collection is definitely character.(Marvel fans, let me hear you scream~~) Fans of Marvel, you will be in awe with their collection. You just need to check out Loki that looks dangerously good looking! Most of their pieces also comes with words of sarcasm or wit, either which will make you crack a smile on your face. Need a pop of art in your space, DuttiePOP is one site you should not miss!

Hero & Cape

Speaking of Heroes, it reminds me of this brand - Hero & Cape. Nope, you will not find any heroes' cape dangling around. But this brand hails all they way from Britain and they do hold a nice selection of quirky, hand-illustrated pieces. I have only shown a few of my personal favourites here.

If your inner shopaholic demoness is raging to spend, please drop Hero & Cape a visit and you may be surprise what you may find there.

Awww...we have come to the end. So fast isn't it, don't ya worry, there is always next time if this round did not quite suit your taste. :)

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  1. Hi Chaa, it's Sarah from Hero&Cape PR! Thank you very much for mentioning us in your round up! Love it! xxx