Friday, August 22, 2014

Studdering Gorgeous

I used to like dangling earrings a lot, but somehow as I grew older, I seem to prefer studs more for daily wearing. I don't know why, maybe cos it doesn't get trapped in stuff or maybe like the boys put it - "less distracting" Hahaha.
As you may know, I was sponsored 3 gorgeous studs from Sweet Craft which I happily wore to Taiwan. Hehehe :P The studs ain't really Sweet Craft's core business so I am really really fortunate to get them.
Sweet Craft
My studs didn't survive the mail. The sticks were slightly bent. But, because they were very soft to begin with. I bent them right back and they looked as good as new :)
I like the wide spread of designs. The emoticon was just so cute. And the word studs were just something I would wear. Hehehehe~~~ So what I did was, I actually changed my earrings every 4 days. And for those who were interested, this is how I packed my studs there.
Will Sure Work
Just put it in those little sample containers or old eye shadows containers and you can bring at least 2 pairs of studs. You don't have to worry about it being bent too! I thought I was really smart and started spamming the photos among my friends. :P
Presenting the close-up of the studs on my ears! The emoticon one was the most striking, followed by I love you. Lucky is very focused in the middle so it may lacks the voom. 
I love you stud was definitely the most fun to play with. I was studying and was distracted by it. I actually wrote my BF's name initial on my book with the stud positioned on top. :P I blanked it out to protect his identity as usual. I whatsapped him the pic and he was like "Cute, but please continue to study" Haix! He spoilt my fun :(
Me and my studs
Lastly, some of my Taiwan headshots with my ear studs! They are not that obvious cos seriously who takes photos positioning their studs to the camera!!! Haha. But this is how the studs would look if you tuck your hair behind your ears, do a side-flick, or tie a pony tail. Just realised I look so different in all my pics, darn some angles are just so bad. Hehehe~~~
Now that, I am back home, I will slowly flood you people with reviews and update my TW trip (this will be backlogged) Stay tune, and stay happy!

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