Sunday, September 28, 2014

1 Year Older

hopefully 1 year wiser too...
This year, my birthday is hell darn crap and for the next few years it will probably be crap like too cos it is super near my exams. Scream, wails and throws myself on the floor. 
Bang Bang
Started off with with a nice birthday lunch with my one and only Indian BFF, so much for racial harmony. And I only have one good friend who is not off the same race as me...Zzzz...Lol. And she made me a whole truckload of ridiculous selfies. There goes my professional image (if any) LOL!
We went to 2 Blur Guys. There was a slight queue. But dang, it was worth! The portion doesn't really look that fantastic in the photo but trust me, after you are done with it, you will be so full, there is barely room for desserts.
To start off the week, my BF bought me a birthday cake (which is the exact same cake I bought him!!! Like where's the creativity yo?!?) cos I thought I won't be free on the actual day itself. Stop over at Starbucks to redeem my free cake. And since there was 1-for-1 drinks, we also got ourselves 2 cups :P
Supposed to get a better treat from him on Friday, but I settled for money instead (which he transferred me). Kinda regret it now cos I am seeing him less and less because of his work commitment :( He still owes my my bday flats though. Sigh
On my birthday actual day itself, I ended up having some time to myself. And so my Dad treated the family to a nice steak meal at the NUS alumni. My BF came along as well, so I guess that set him back another day of OT work.
The meal itself was really good with refillable fries. But it was so slow. We had to wait really long before the meal itself was served. The ambience was fantastic and the price was reasonable but it is just so out of the way for normal people who doesn't live as close to the place as us.
Ended off the weekend with a staycation at Hyatt with the gals. I didn't stay long cos I was moody I guess and had revision to do. My BFF didn't turn up as well for our "joint-celebration" cos she had an exam too. It sux to grow up. I am meeting my friends lesser and lesser.
Soon, I will be meeting up with my JC friends...yeah! It seems so long since we last met. My memory is really quite bad. I can't remember what I wished for already. Lol, may it come true!!! That is all that truly matters. But since I can't even remember, even if my wish is granted, I probably won't know too *chuckles*

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ka Bloom with Sample Store Launch

Yeah, I know I am supposed to be intently revising. But I received invites to Ka Bloom from Sample Store. Nobody in the right mind will not turn up. Good food and lots of samples to let you try till your heart's content!
I didn't really take much photos there, too busy sampling. So 3 photos you see here have been koped online. If you see any of your photos here, it is cos it is very well taken. And I do not take any credit for your gorgeous photos. :)
Syringe Cupcakes
There was like photo booths and so many other booths that have great deals and samples. To name a few, there are Tsubaki (totally crazy about their hair products) and My Beauty Diary (One of my fav mask). Plus, I finally got a chance to go down to Fullhouse Signature. There seems to be so many events held there, and this is the first one I actually got invites for. My social marketing career is finally going uphill. #joking (always uphill)#
Miacare was this new Acne product that really caught my eye. It would be launching soon, so do keep a look out on their barely visible Acne patch/sticker at your nearest drugstore. Goodal has this really nice-smelling skin mist too even though the sales lady was not too friendly :( And did I tell you there was a buffet there?!? The food wasn't that fantastic, but sometimes food (especially when it is free) just excites me :P
Ka BloomYipee, if you were there, you would have seen me won a pair of GV tickets. My mum won the other pair. Just nice, BF and I wanna catch Box Trolls. (We caught Maze Runner the other weekend, dammit spent nearly 30 bucks on the tix) So these tix sure come in handy! And the amount of samples we got to bring back...*Squeals*
If you are thinking there will be a giveaway, eh no? Cos my mum is hogging all the anti-aging stuff. The rest, we have split into bags for my grandma, aunty and my BF's mum. Hehehe. So there is really not that much to go around. Sorry, but you know what, there will definitely be stuff coming up and hopefully to giveaway too :)
As we were making our way home, my bus app showed this. Totally embarrassing. I was telling my Mum "Shit, the bus is not operating now!" And my Mum was like "Rubbish, I see the bus coming" -.- This app will totally be the death of me. Still, it didn't ruin my happy day!!!
Okay, shall study tomorrow. Today, I sound a little high on samples :P

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Mid Autumn Fest
Dear all, I hope you planned a lovely mid autumn festival last night cos I had real great fun. My night started sort of late - at 10pm and ended rather early 113.0pm. Had prior commitment and my BF had to work the next day which was kinda of sad.
But still we had fun, we played around with the sparklers (with me squealing cos I really don't like the flame) and posed around the park with lanterns (We didn't even bother to stroll around. How lazy! :P) Ended the night with some mooncake (BF only had a tiny piece cos he claimed he was very full and on a strict diet) and with my brother bringing out his telescope so we could "appreciate" the moon in its full naked glory!
Lol...thought it was funny that my Bro and I ended up wearing matching tees. By the way no photos of me playing with the sparklers...cos MY BF took me wtih a unibrow. #Dafuq. Sigh

Friday, September 5, 2014

You Light up My Life: Gardens By the Bay

To prevent our romance from flickering, the BF and I are now going on dates again. :) No longer lounging at each other house, watching videos. So now, every Friday, we try to do something more interesting to spice up the relationship.
Light 1
Technically, it is my BF's dad who suggested it. Sometimes I wonder if I am dating my BF's dad instead since he is always providing great ideas! So from 4-14 September, all these pretty lanterns will be for public display. And the best thing is, it is free! 
Since it was the first few days, it wasn't very crowded so I could still take really gorgeous shots without strangers in them.
Gardens By the Bay
One of the biggest highlight for me on Gardens By the Bay is the Garden Rhapsody. I just love how the lights dance with the music. This time, the music was a lot more cheerful and merry.
I laid down on the grass thinking it is so much more romantic and took a few photos of my BF who were sitting upright. Hehe. Whatsapp them to our mutual friend with the caption, the night sky never looked so pretty. <3
Light 2
Of course, there are a lot of other things apart from the lanterns, such as a food fare and cultural performances. But they didn't really get much of my interest. I still thought the lanterns were more fascinating.
And they looked really good in photos. Unfortunately, it is a lot more difficult to capture nice shots with my face in it. Cos my phone would try to focus on the lantern and my face would look really dark :(
Light 3Lalala~~~ the last of my shots. BF starting his "real" work real soon. Guess, I will be bored and have to focus more on my exams. And maybe give a little more attention to my blog. I deserve to be stoned! :P