Friday, September 5, 2014

You Light up My Life: Gardens By the Bay

To prevent our romance from flickering, the BF and I are now going on dates again. :) No longer lounging at each other house, watching videos. So now, every Friday, we try to do something more interesting to spice up the relationship.
Light 1
Technically, it is my BF's dad who suggested it. Sometimes I wonder if I am dating my BF's dad instead since he is always providing great ideas! So from 4-14 September, all these pretty lanterns will be for public display. And the best thing is, it is free! 
Since it was the first few days, it wasn't very crowded so I could still take really gorgeous shots without strangers in them.
Gardens By the Bay
One of the biggest highlight for me on Gardens By the Bay is the Garden Rhapsody. I just love how the lights dance with the music. This time, the music was a lot more cheerful and merry.
I laid down on the grass thinking it is so much more romantic and took a few photos of my BF who were sitting upright. Hehe. Whatsapp them to our mutual friend with the caption, the night sky never looked so pretty. <3
Light 2
Of course, there are a lot of other things apart from the lanterns, such as a food fare and cultural performances. But they didn't really get much of my interest. I still thought the lanterns were more fascinating.
And they looked really good in photos. Unfortunately, it is a lot more difficult to capture nice shots with my face in it. Cos my phone would try to focus on the lantern and my face would look really dark :(
Light 3Lalala~~~ the last of my shots. BF starting his "real" work real soon. Guess, I will be bored and have to focus more on my exams. And maybe give a little more attention to my blog. I deserve to be stoned! :P

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