Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Mid Autumn Fest
Dear all, I hope you planned a lovely mid autumn festival last night cos I had real great fun. My night started sort of late - at 10pm and ended rather early 113.0pm. Had prior commitment and my BF had to work the next day which was kinda of sad.
But still we had fun, we played around with the sparklers (with me squealing cos I really don't like the flame) and posed around the park with lanterns (We didn't even bother to stroll around. How lazy! :P) Ended the night with some mooncake (BF only had a tiny piece cos he claimed he was very full and on a strict diet) and with my brother bringing out his telescope so we could "appreciate" the moon in its full naked glory!
Lol...thought it was funny that my Bro and I ended up wearing matching tees. By the way no photos of me playing with the sparklers...cos MY BF took me wtih a unibrow. #Dafuq. Sigh

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