Sunday, September 28, 2014

1 Year Older

hopefully 1 year wiser too...
This year, my birthday is hell darn crap and for the next few years it will probably be crap like too cos it is super near my exams. Scream, wails and throws myself on the floor. 
Bang Bang
Started off with with a nice birthday lunch with my one and only Indian BFF, so much for racial harmony. And I only have one good friend who is not off the same race as me...Zzzz...Lol. And she made me a whole truckload of ridiculous selfies. There goes my professional image (if any) LOL!
We went to 2 Blur Guys. There was a slight queue. But dang, it was worth! The portion doesn't really look that fantastic in the photo but trust me, after you are done with it, you will be so full, there is barely room for desserts.
To start off the week, my BF bought me a birthday cake (which is the exact same cake I bought him!!! Like where's the creativity yo?!?) cos I thought I won't be free on the actual day itself. Stop over at Starbucks to redeem my free cake. And since there was 1-for-1 drinks, we also got ourselves 2 cups :P
Supposed to get a better treat from him on Friday, but I settled for money instead (which he transferred me). Kinda regret it now cos I am seeing him less and less because of his work commitment :( He still owes my my bday flats though. Sigh
On my birthday actual day itself, I ended up having some time to myself. And so my Dad treated the family to a nice steak meal at the NUS alumni. My BF came along as well, so I guess that set him back another day of OT work.
The meal itself was really good with refillable fries. But it was so slow. We had to wait really long before the meal itself was served. The ambience was fantastic and the price was reasonable but it is just so out of the way for normal people who doesn't live as close to the place as us.
Ended off the weekend with a staycation at Hyatt with the gals. I didn't stay long cos I was moody I guess and had revision to do. My BFF didn't turn up as well for our "joint-celebration" cos she had an exam too. It sux to grow up. I am meeting my friends lesser and lesser.
Soon, I will be meeting up with my JC friends...yeah! It seems so long since we last met. My memory is really quite bad. I can't remember what I wished for already. Lol, may it come true!!! That is all that truly matters. But since I can't even remember, even if my wish is granted, I probably won't know too *chuckles*

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