Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cheers with Fruity Lite Extra to a healthy life

Usually what is good for you usually taste pretty bad. Today, I thought I would like to share with you a product which helps you achieve a healthier digestive system by clearing the excess oil and toxins and at the same time is a very delicious beverage.
Fruity Lite
I am pretty sure some of you have probably seen this at your nearest supermarket or our leading drugstores - Guardian and Fairprice. Perhaps you are also curious about it like me. I was sponsored 6 boxes (which is about a 1 month supply to try out). There are types available the Fruity Lite tea and Fruity Lite extra which is sugar free and contains additional Vitamin C and Xylitol.
First of all, this is not a slimming tea.The picture of the measuring tape on the box may seem a little bit misleading though. Eventually, you might or might not lose any weight. And if you do end up lighter, it is because of better bowel movements. :)
The drink itself, I have to say is very very delicious. I am on it for more than a month now. I am actually quite hooked onto it cos it is a tasty thirst quencher when it is cold with ice. Every time, I sort of overeat or take something more oily, I would immediately make myself a cup of Huiji Fruity Lite. It helps me pass out gas, Haha *embarrassed* It doesn't have any artificial colouring or flavouring, all natural goodness!
How to Make
So usually, I make a big pot of it. Add in a lot of water and stir it with my handy chopstick. Chill it and soon it will be ready to serve. I would think it taste like a cold ice lemon tea! My family now even prepares it when there are guests in the house. :P
It is reasonably priced at S$7.90 for a box of 10 sachets, which is like only 80 cents for a sachet! My BF who had some constipation problem was pretty adversed to it cos of the picture of the lady in the box and he kept telling me he doesn't want to take slimming stuff...But eventually he did try it and now he has a happy tummy. No longer full of shit :P (No pun intended)
I have also attached the ingredient list for those who wants to know more. I would think that the main selling point is that it is tasty and is definitely more healthy than the soft drinks we tend to consume on a warm day. My take is that it has become the healthier option for me.
I haven't lose any weight for those who are curious. This is because I generally don't exercise much, especially with the haze. However, I have not gained any weight either. I have now cut down on my soft drink intake using Huiji Fruity Lite as the replacement. You can be like me too. I have linked their website in this post so you can read more about it and understand their products better. :)
Cheers to a healthier you!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review: Create your own Style with GlitteryBitz

This is like a real belated post...Oops. I actually received the review items way before I left for Taiwan. So really thank you Grace for your kind patience.
If you are looking for any handmade accessories, you are in luck because today I will be sharing with you GlitteryBitz. You will be glad to know that GlitteryBitz holds a collection of many gorgeous pieces at very affordable prices.
I particularly love their earrings designs and her "Express your Love in a Bottle" collection. Apart from that, Grace also makes customised Pixel accessories. I have to say she is very talented with her hands. Cos her 8-Bits accessories just look really pretty and realistic.
 These were some of the gorgeous accessories I received. I particularly loved the minion. It was supposed to be a ring, but eventually I used it for something else. Haha. But that's another story (will it with you all next time). I was really impressed with the minion though as I specially requested for it. I didn't expect to come out looking so darn cute :) Way above my expectations.
My BF was really happy when I gave him the "Mr Right" dust cap as part of our anniversary special couple gift. He thought he earned the right to have the final say until he saw my "Mrs Always Right" LOLOL! Honestly, it makes a great couple gift especially you are in a relationship where the lady always get her way :P
My necklace is "Love in Paris". It is very simple but easy to match, especially when you are going for a casual look.
 So this is how I would pair it up in my sailor kitty uniform. :)
Love in Paris necklace: GlitteryBlitz
Navy suede braidlets: Preetdeets
For my readers only, you will be receiving a 10% discount when you quote "GlitteryBitzxChaa" With the discount, it will be very worth it to make your purchases!!! Do remember to check out her stuff!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Pretty Little Deeds: Preetdeets

Hello, as promised, I am really active :) Now, I am back with thin bracelets (very suitable for ladies who have tiny or small wrists) which can be used for stacking.
Preetdeets3Check these out, gorgeous isn't it? These are pearl bracelets with charms and Suede Braidlets with charms! If you are like gushing, you just have to read on~!
Sweet, delicate and dainty - 3 words would pretty much sum up the review I have for you today!
So check out what I received in my mail from Preetdeets:) My 3 bracelets came in separate ziplock bags and are of different character and style so that they can be worn for different occasions.
I won't suggest stacking bracelets of different styles together though. For example, in my opinion, the 2 suede braidlets would totally look good together. The silver charm on the other hand would look better with the pearl and and charms cos it is too demure to go the kick-ass braidlets.
The standard measurement would be 14" in length. However,you can always customised to suit your wrist if you prefer it to be hung loose. (I think it looks better tight though:P)
These are how the bracelets look when they are on my wrist. They are all pretty in their own ways. The coloured suede was a clip-on and had 3 charms on it - Eiffel Tower, London plate and passport, reflecting the wanderlust in me. The Navy charm had a very unique anchor hook. I super love the anchor hook! The silver bracelet is extremely stretchy and it is the sweetest among them all. I don't know why but I find this a perfect gift for a newborn girl cos there was something small and delicate about it. Also, on it hung a charm, "made with love" ... :P  
You will probably be seeing me wearing more of it in my other reviews as well. And yes that's my laptop bag hehehe! I will be linking their website here. But do check out their Carousell and Instagram cos they show a lot more designs!@Preetdeets. They are very affordable too, so don't give them a miss :)
I have so much more to share, and a giveaway coming right up too :P :P :P Don't miss that one ok? 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Study in Style: Sew Shiny

Hey peeps,
sorry for the lack of updates. As mentioned in many of my earlier posts, I was having the exam fever. :(
So the last few weeks (or was it days, I totally lost count of time), I was intensively mugging or at least trying to do so. Terrible days. But I am glad it is over. However, I am so behind in terms of reviews. So I will be compensating you guys by being a little more active for the next week :P
 During my study period, I was using my new laptop bag customised from Sew Shiny to lug about all my study materials and my laptop. It is actually supposed to be a laptop bag but after fitting my 13" Mac book, I still had a good amount of decent space left.
And so, I did put some other stuff in it...Hehe. I won't say it is a lot of other stuff. But it is not little either.
Sew Stationary
 Apart from the flora headband, (that is to make it look pretty!) everything else could be fit into the little laptop bag. If you did notice, all my stationary are pretty much mono black and white, so at least the carrier came with a pop of colour, otherwise I might be condemned for being one dull girl. :(
For those who are interested into customized sewn products, I would really recommend Sew Shiny. My laptop case came with soft padded support at the side and it was very well sewn. There was no loose threads etc and the zip was fully functional. Impressed? Definitely!
Sew Shiny1
Apart from laptop bags/ sleeves, they also offer a variety of products ranging from clutches, pouches, tissues holder and phone covers. The variety are really endless because customers can really design and come out with the design they want and Sew Shiny will literally make your dreams come true.
She sent me some of her old designs and I also looked through some of her products, consolidating my favorite few. The top 3 are the designs I like best. The laptop sleeve with the 3 squares are very chic and professional looking. I just love the design of the clutch - how you can slip your hand into the bow. And lastly the cute puppy camera case- ahhh, there is no way anyone a resist a cute puppy!
Designs laptop sleeves/ tote
Processed with Moldiv
 There is also a selection of fabric you can choose from - the top for bigger items such as Tote Bags/ Laptop Sleeves and the bottom for smaller items like handphone covers and pouches. The beauty of customised products is that you will always end up with something you like and reflects you :)
 Thought I would also highlight the details of the fabric. From far, my bag may look like red polkadots with a white pocket. In fact it is an intricate white flora pocket. Gorgeous, isn't it? This little touch just made the whole laptop bag looks so much more demure and sweet.
Sew PrettyLastly, some photos to show how you may look "Sew Pretty" with Sew Shiny. I did an informal look wearing our national attire - slippers, singlet and shorts along with a Love in Paris necklace from GlitteryBlitz. My formal attire consists of a striking purple dress with black/white block heels and my magnetic hematite bracelet.
So do drop them a visit if you are looking for something for yourself or your loved ones (Christmas is coming!) and thank you all for your patience and encouragement all this while throughout my grueling exam :) XOXO