Friday, October 17, 2014

Pretty Little Deeds: Preetdeets

Hello, as promised, I am really active :) Now, I am back with thin bracelets (very suitable for ladies who have tiny or small wrists) which can be used for stacking.
Preetdeets3Check these out, gorgeous isn't it? These are pearl bracelets with charms and Suede Braidlets with charms! If you are like gushing, you just have to read on~!
Sweet, delicate and dainty - 3 words would pretty much sum up the review I have for you today!
So check out what I received in my mail from Preetdeets:) My 3 bracelets came in separate ziplock bags and are of different character and style so that they can be worn for different occasions.
I won't suggest stacking bracelets of different styles together though. For example, in my opinion, the 2 suede braidlets would totally look good together. The silver charm on the other hand would look better with the pearl and and charms cos it is too demure to go the kick-ass braidlets.
The standard measurement would be 14" in length. However,you can always customised to suit your wrist if you prefer it to be hung loose. (I think it looks better tight though:P)
These are how the bracelets look when they are on my wrist. They are all pretty in their own ways. The coloured suede was a clip-on and had 3 charms on it - Eiffel Tower, London plate and passport, reflecting the wanderlust in me. The Navy charm had a very unique anchor hook. I super love the anchor hook! The silver bracelet is extremely stretchy and it is the sweetest among them all. I don't know why but I find this a perfect gift for a newborn girl cos there was something small and delicate about it. Also, on it hung a charm, "made with love" ... :P  
You will probably be seeing me wearing more of it in my other reviews as well. And yes that's my laptop bag hehehe! I will be linking their website here. But do check out their Carousell and Instagram cos they show a lot more designs!@Preetdeets. They are very affordable too, so don't give them a miss :)
I have so much more to share, and a giveaway coming right up too :P :P :P Don't miss that one ok? 

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