Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Study in Style: Sew Shiny

Hey peeps,
sorry for the lack of updates. As mentioned in many of my earlier posts, I was having the exam fever. :(
So the last few weeks (or was it days, I totally lost count of time), I was intensively mugging or at least trying to do so. Terrible days. But I am glad it is over. However, I am so behind in terms of reviews. So I will be compensating you guys by being a little more active for the next week :P
 During my study period, I was using my new laptop bag customised from Sew Shiny to lug about all my study materials and my laptop. It is actually supposed to be a laptop bag but after fitting my 13" Mac book, I still had a good amount of decent space left.
And so, I did put some other stuff in it...Hehe. I won't say it is a lot of other stuff. But it is not little either.
Sew Stationary
 Apart from the flora headband, (that is to make it look pretty!) everything else could be fit into the little laptop bag. If you did notice, all my stationary are pretty much mono black and white, so at least the carrier came with a pop of colour, otherwise I might be condemned for being one dull girl. :(
For those who are interested into customized sewn products, I would really recommend Sew Shiny. My laptop case came with soft padded support at the side and it was very well sewn. There was no loose threads etc and the zip was fully functional. Impressed? Definitely!
Sew Shiny1
Apart from laptop bags/ sleeves, they also offer a variety of products ranging from clutches, pouches, tissues holder and phone covers. The variety are really endless because customers can really design and come out with the design they want and Sew Shiny will literally make your dreams come true.
She sent me some of her old designs and I also looked through some of her products, consolidating my favorite few. The top 3 are the designs I like best. The laptop sleeve with the 3 squares are very chic and professional looking. I just love the design of the clutch - how you can slip your hand into the bow. And lastly the cute puppy camera case- ahhh, there is no way anyone a resist a cute puppy!
Designs laptop sleeves/ tote
Processed with Moldiv
 There is also a selection of fabric you can choose from - the top for bigger items such as Tote Bags/ Laptop Sleeves and the bottom for smaller items like handphone covers and pouches. The beauty of customised products is that you will always end up with something you like and reflects you :)
 Thought I would also highlight the details of the fabric. From far, my bag may look like red polkadots with a white pocket. In fact it is an intricate white flora pocket. Gorgeous, isn't it? This little touch just made the whole laptop bag looks so much more demure and sweet.
Sew PrettyLastly, some photos to show how you may look "Sew Pretty" with Sew Shiny. I did an informal look wearing our national attire - slippers, singlet and shorts along with a Love in Paris necklace from GlitteryBlitz. My formal attire consists of a striking purple dress with black/white block heels and my magnetic hematite bracelet.
So do drop them a visit if you are looking for something for yourself or your loved ones (Christmas is coming!) and thank you all for your patience and encouragement all this while throughout my grueling exam :) XOXO

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