Sunday, November 23, 2014

Review: Reflect your Style with Ditto

Christmas is like coming soon! Yipee... I always think that the best Christmas gifts for loved ones should always be customised and personalised to an individual just to tell them "Hey I got this specially for you!"
And thus, I am having a series of review on customised items so that you guys can have your pick on what to pick for the special people this December. :)
Leather Customised Products, how does it sound to you. Today, I have Ditto with me and the cover many different goods which you may consider gifting. Passport cover (2nd most popular item), wristlet clutch, notebook cover, key chain holder (most popular item) and even tissue cover.
I picked to review the passport holders (couple pressie) cos I like to travel and having a neat cover would let you breeze through the customs. I did consider reviewing the tissue cover cos you could actually use it to chope seats during lunch time. But then, it looks so good, I am super worried people might just take it :(
With 9 name tag colours, 17 passport cover colours (if you check out their FB page, there is even a character analysis on the colours which is pretty accurate!) and more than 52 charms in Ditto's collection, I was at a loss. To be honest, I had a hard time picking. Initially, I wanted it to be a surprise for my BF but then I didn't want to customise something he didn't like so he picked his cover colour and name tag colour, I only picked the charm for him Hahaha. I even got my Mum to help pick the charm he would like best!
And then it came to the arrangement of the name tag and charms, I only had one name tag, one dangling charm and one big charm, thank god Ditto's owner did the few arrangement for me. I just might go crazy if I had to do it myself considering I am really bad in spatial art. 
There were even the choices of big and small lettering for the wording. I opted for big. And you can't emboss Chinese characters on it. I thought of embossing mine in Chinese. Haha. Anyway, the owner is a really sweet lady. Despite my endless question, she did not flare up at me or was irritated in anyway. Really nice customer service!
So after rounds and rounds of picking and choosing, we finally got our passport holders. Yeah! And it is very very gorgeous! My BF passport holder has more texture while mine is a smooth pink. I really like the dangling money pouch we had at the side of our names. :P I don't know why when I saw it I was like too cute. Haha!
The design of my passports are a little on the simple side. But if you go to their Facebook photos, you will find a lot of different designs available, some which are really very fancy and nice.
With Passport
The design of the holders are really nice. When you open, there is 2 compartment, 1 to slot your passport and the other to put some small documents you might sometimes receive at the customs. Even after putting in the passport, it doesn't look or feel chunky at all. And there is also a strap to allow you to secure the holder. Overall, I think it looks professionally chic 
I guess it is your lucky day, dear readers. Cos if you quote "XiaoCai", you will get 10% discount for every passport holder and unlimited number of name tags!!! 1 Passport Holder + 1 Charm + Name Tags will now be be only at S$13.50! And for each additional charm, it is only at $1!
Envelope Wallet
And of course, there are many other stuff from Ditto so you don't have to limit yourself to the passport holders! So Ho Ho Ho, I think I just gave you people a reason to smile this Christmas! Discount Code, you lucky people!

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