Sunday, November 9, 2014

Review: Jar of Jubbs

If you realised a certain trend by now, I have been working a lot more closely with Singapore artisans as well as small companies :)
Partially, it is to show my support for local products, I know it is not easy to start-up and any exposure is always good :) Also, I love nothing more than customised products :)
Jar of Jubbs
You know, lately I am into unicorn and anything mystical. So when I came across, Jar of Jubbs, they had this collection of whimsical stuff that I must review them for you.
They have like cute little robots, mystical droplets, Aladdin's lamp, they just opened a whole new world, didn't they...(laughing at my own bad pun)
I am sure you guys must be curious what Jubbs stand for (it reminds me of Jub Jub from Hi5 Hehe). It actually means Jewellery & Unique Bits and Bobs. Each little trinklet is passionately made. The collection mainly consist of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, key chains and also lanyard straps. You could either get those pre-made or assembled to your own desire. :)
I must have been a good girl this year cos Christmas just came early for me. I was sponsored some nice candy canes, a good luck four leaves clover and a bracelet inspired by nature. 
Bunny Model
Yup, for the first time in ForFunk history, it is my bunnies doing the review. Surprise Surprise, maybe next time round it would be my unicorn. Lol. Okay, she was sitting down there giving me the, "Let me review it please" look. I couldn't reject her.
As you can see, my cheeky little bunnies have arranged my candy earrings into a lovely heart shape (if you can see it). The candy are shimmery and very gorgeous. They came with the plastic stud at the back which I really appreciated.
The 4 leaf clover necklace as you can see came with different details on the back and the front. This means dual use :P The bracelet came with 5 charms. Honestly, for the price, 5 charms is super worth it!!
2014 Christmas Collection
The Christmas collection is also now up and available. Generally, the prices are very reasonable, roughly between $3 to max $12. So they make really good gifts for colleagues and friends. You don't have to worry about breaking your wallet yet not look like a cheapskate *Thumbs up*
And to make sure you really have a lovely Christmas, for my readers only, you are going to get an additional 10% off and free postage if you quote "ChaaYen" for any online orders from now till 25 December. (Sometimes, I really don't think it is fair you guys are riding on my success..sigh)  
For those who are not comfortable with online shipping, you could also drop their box a visit.
Junction 8 Level 4 Peek-a-box
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm daily
However, there won't be additional discount. So, I really think it would be so much better if you use my discount code! Click here to visit Jar of Jubbs!

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