Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pretty Little Things Part 6

It is Part 6 wow, how time flies :P
This time round, it is not as avant garde but is sweeter and daintier, for the ladies out there. Enjoy!
Holly Molly
First up, I have Holly Molly. I know I previously introduced you guys to House of Stonez, which is of quite a similar concept and has a larger selection. However,Holly Molly is local based. And I wanted to show our local artisan some support so I decided to feature her.
If you are also from Singapore and you would like to save a little on postage and exchange rate, you might consider Holly Molly. I do foresee in future she will be growing to those artisan you see in Etsy store. So do keep a look out for this up and coming baby! :)
Katie Craft Shack
For the most amazing bows, you got to check out Katie Craft Shack. They do have other hair accessories such as hair ties and scrunchies, but their bows selection is the most impressive. They have so many designs. Lace, glitter, and even puppies.
Whether you are a young girl or mature woman, you will definitely find something that match your style. Super OMG! Just click the link and take a look, nuff said! :P
ForFunk is trying to promote active living. I am trying my best to move more instead of sitting in front of a computer all day. Some orthopaedics told me I have some severe posture issues. I am not sure whether it is true. But I will definitely see a doctor and stop slouching :(
Anyway, sad stuff aside, for those who are into Yoga, I came across Vivre Activewear and they have quite a nice selection of fashionable attire. Best of all, they are very affordable too :) I only chose my favourites to make the collage but the designs available doesn't end there. So go have a look, alright!
I needa start moving around soon. So take care and have an active weekend! XoXo.

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