Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Beauty: Bare it all (down there)

Before 2014 comes to an end, I thought let's chat about something more taboo. Pubic hair. For Funk hasn't really talked about this topic before and it is a very intriguing and curious topic. My friends chatted about it before, but nobody really had the guts to really bare it out. And the information we have online just doesn't seem sufficient.
So I did some research on tada...Brazilian Waxing!
I think this is really the biggest question that pops out in most of our minds, especially those that are not very sexually liberated or living a life of celibacy. I am not sure, really too, cos I am probably either one of those and I don't think I am brash enough to ask anyone straight out loud. Haha.
My guess is at least in Asia itself, most people just go wild and let it grow, let it grow. Cos we are more inhibited in spreading our legs and let the professional play our bottoms. In Singapore, I think we might be growing a little bit more open since there are quite a few places offering such services.
I did find some results but, it didn't state the ethnic/ countries of the people surveyed it may not be very reflective. But I think it is probably true that woman are more well-groomed than man. We are more vain really and probably more eager to please in terms of visual. 
So thanks to Black Peony, I had the opportunity to experience the Brazilian Waxing and IPL Brazilian. 
Black Peony is located in the heartlands of Outram Park. It is within walking distance from the MRT station. And after that, I actually realised I had a direct bus home so that was really good for me. It is relatively easy to find with the aid of Goggle Maps.
Interior Exterior
The interior design of Black Peony may not be the most neat and organised place you go to. It gives me a retro feeling and there is a general mismatch in the furnitures and pieces. They provide nails services so at the outside, there is a nail palour. There is about 2 rooms for the waxing services. To be honest, at first, I had this naggy feeling on whether is this place legit? Is it hygienic? I think it could because cramped layout and there was so many things all over the place. It is actually kind of like my room. Lol.
Service wise, I think it is rather impressive. I received reminders email before the treatment. And I actually reached early cos I didn't expect to find the place that easily so I was even served tea. And I think I waited only less than 5 minutes from my allocated timing :)

But really, never judge a book by its cover. My therapist for the day was Nina. And I really love her because she was really chatty and friendly and that helped cos I am nervous. It was my virgin experience. *Worried Face* The video (I found) pretty much shows what you are in for the waxing. But I would say it is not very painful overall. 
Nina did test the wax temperature to gauge my tolerance level and she was very quick when removing the hard wax. That made the pain quick so you aren't in that much agony where you see in movies. You really need to bare it all at the bottom because for me I didn't know you got to go topless for spa massages -.- And i would have appreciated if someone could have prepared me for it earlier.
I also tried the IPL and I think most people might prefer the IPL cos it is comparatively less painful. It is sharp bolt pain targeted on one area versus a more spread out sort of pain. I can't say which one I prefer more but it was quite nice to have both together.
I did also learn a lot more about the designs available. Generally, people in Singapore go bare, but heart attack is like seriously cute. I just might do it for a honeymoon cos it totally ups the romance factor hehe. I think throughout the treatment, I did ask Nina like some of the most ridiculous question, like will the wax drip in? (Ans is No by the way) and also like whether Brazilian IPL will affect fertility? (No as well)
I did read online that what you are worried most for such treatments is infection, whereby after the treatment, it itches a lot. I intentionally wrote the review only after a few days to ensure that everything was ok. There is no itch. And it is quite nice and hygienic hairless. Even though I do feel that having some trimmed hair seems sexier. The hair growth is extraordinarily slow as what Nina has promised. I am not going bald at the bottom with just one little try, that's for sure. Haha.
Black Peony
I would really encourage you all to try out Black Peony services. There was no pushing of sales or anything. Going Brazilian takes quite a bit of courage and some desire for excitement. Once you overcome the first hurdle, there is really nothing stopping you trying it twice, apart from your sexual partner. Haha.
I have left their contact details here:
Black Peony
Blk 3 Everton Park #01-67 S
Singapore 080003
Tel: +65 9431 3913
So you want to book your appointment or enquire to know more, you can reach them easily. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Saving Christmas

Merry Xmas
I guess it was a rather emotional post so many people were worried about my thoughts on Xmas. I still like Christmas. Presents, Lightings and opportunities to take lots of pretty photos. No reason not to continue enjoying it. Hehe. :)
Play Tent
Sharing some photos from Play Tent at Sentosa with its oversized inflatable balloons. Not as impressive as they promised and it was a warm day. All I had were some nice photos and a very very grumpy BF. Not really worth the trip. But I did like the photos taken. :)
Garden By the Bay
The photos from the day of heartbreak. (Just 2?!? That's totally not worth it!) I know whatya thinking. There were more photos, but these was the nicer 2 granduer lightings on the outside. The others weren't fantastic. But these 2 were even though in my photos, they look rather meh. I was feeling crap and it was reflecting in my shots . :(
This X'mas week many of my friends got hitched. So it was really very busy for me. I also had a lot of gatherings. Not going to post the photos up, cos it would take too much work to blank their faces out. Haha. This is still not a personal blog after all. I try to keep it professional :P
The photos above are from Sentosa Cove, nice right? LIKE LIKE LIKE! It was so hard to find, but gorgeous scenery, so I thought I would share them with you readers. It was drizzling like mad the whole day. So sorry, can't really take much pictures :(
Xmas Tree
Yea, and my favourite - the tree all light up with presents underneath. I guess I am still bearing a grudge against my BF since I made him a snowman. Serves him right! Can't wait for 2015 already. 2014 is just a pain. Phat!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tales (Tears) of Christmas gone wrong

Usually, I don't really like to blog about my personal life here. But since it is Christmas and I was feeling very miserable, I really need a place to pour my heart out, lick my wounds and reflect on misbehavior.
Today, my BF made me cry and on Christmas Day too. FML! The first time he made my cry and I am going to remember the pain every Christmas day. :(
I am not using this post to discuss who is at fault etc. or how it happened; I just want to remember certain takeaways I had from this. I knew at that point of time, I was upset. I was unhappy having to be the target he lashed his frustration on. It was not entirely my fault (maybe a partial fault). But a part of me felt some grievance that I now played the role of the emotional dustbin. I was told to take some photos and just go home after that so he could work. :(
I didn't want to let the floodgates open, really. I fiddled with my phone first to distract myself from my emotions and the awkward silence. And then, I used up all my life in Candy Crush so I started to dwell. And then the tears started rolling. I had to look down. I couldn't face him. I just don't want him to see my weep. I was so super disappointed in myself.
But I broke down. I looked into my bag to find tissues but nope, no tissue. In the end, he realised I was crying when I left the train at our stop in some sort of hurry and desperate attempt to find a refuge. Had to left the station with a face mask. Cos I can't stop tearing and I am always seen cheerful. How can I face the world with a tear-stained face?
And so the cowardice me went to hide in the toilet with him waiting on the outside. But I am childish, I managed to creep out of the toilet and decided to venture on the journey alone. I messaged him to stop waiting outside. He persistently asked to meet up. I needed time to cool down. I didn't want to face him. I didn't want to talk to him.
But...I got the trains wrong and it took me one whole round back to him. So I agreed to meet up. But on the train as I was going back, I had this sense of deja vu. Around 5 years back, I sobbed. He chased. I hid. And when I don't want to be found, I could not be found. He got tired of the emotional roller coaster. I tried to make amends and it seemed a little too late. Maybe eventually, I just wasn't worth the chase.
So, I settled on truce. The drama settled less than 3 hours cos he pleaded on the case on how he could work on the next day with me like an emotional wreck. And much as I am irrationally sad then after that mad, the sensible side in me still reign supreme. I stole glances at him on our way to the destination. And I concluded...
Because...He gave upBut he put up with all my crap and emotional mood swings. That sort of slapped some sense in me. And at least I had a whole stack of Watsons tissues (Maybe it is a sign he is going to make me cry more, but I didn't think of that then.) And maybe a part of me just didn't want to go through the journey alone, because I am direction-less and somewhat lost without him. And I don't want both him and I to be unhappy too.
So this is how we survived our first argument and how I got tissues for Christmas. Sigh...
I guess at the end of the day, I am happy just to see him smile. And when he is flustered with my tears, it makes me guilty, small, and very very selfish. The whole idea of a relationship in very practical sense is to value-add each other - spiritually and emotionally. And now I am back to my blissful, happy self. Cos his wrinkly, ugly smile makes my little heart very very pleased!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Review: With Love and Care (WLC)

Younger Readers
For my younger readers, I have something for you today! If you looking for some chic, easy both on the eyes and pocket accessories, look no further than WLC shop.
WLC...I bet you are curious what it stands for. It pretty much means Work Life of Crafters. And in this little shop, you will find different sort of crafts some which may me customised. Overall, I would say the selection is huge and those accessories which are trending can pretty much be found here.
Wlc shop
I was sponsored one of their gorgeous choker with a snowflake dangling at the bottom. I have to say the quality is very good :) And it is a very pretty necklace. Another part I really liked about the sparkly pendant was the details at the back. It is so intricate that you can wear it the other way round too if you want a more subtle look. 2-for-the-price-of-one!!!
Apart from their online presence, they also have lockers located at Hako - Nex Mall and a retail store inside SCAPE* level 2 (near New Balance Store) and the good news is that there is no difference in prices there and online. For those of you looking for a more personal touch, WLC shop will be holding a flea on the 24th & 26th December. You can find near the Toastbox!
Like a Princess
Haha, going to end off the review with some nice photos of me :P
I know those of you who are a little younger has been jabbering on how the reviews seem a little targeted at the more mature audience (which forms a bigger majority of the readership) at present. I will definitely try to find something suitable for you young ladies, starting off with WLC shop, which will definitely keep you very occupied for a good long time since they have so much trending accessories for you girls to slowly browse through. Enjoy and maybe this Christmas, I will reward you ladies with something since you are all so nice :) ** Hugs**

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sample Store Coolbie: MU MIEUX COLLAGEN MU Nutrition+ by Mary Chia

I am quite a fan of Collagen drinks so getting to review this is so lovely. Usually I take the powdered form of another brand and I did try out some samples from another brand my friend gave me. I thought this one tasted better though cos it was more fruity-citrus. So even if you consumed it when it isn't cold, it still taste good.
I have yet to reach 25, the age when collagen productions slows down. But if you start early, you can slow down the collagen reserves depletion and still maintain your youthful looks. Till now, I am proud to say, I have no eye wrinkles at the side. Haha. I have some at the bottom but my beautician says it is due to my eye shape so there is nothing much I can do about it :( 
MieuxI thought it would be good to take this opportunity to educate you all on Collagen drinks, which is a miracle drink for youthful and supple skin! Basically all Collagen drinks contain Collagen which is a protein that helps to maintain the structure and density of the skin. Food that contain collagen includes fish and pig trotters (my fav!)
80% of young healthy skin is made up of collagen. However, our skin gradually loses the ability to regenerate naturally and produces less collagen by our mid thirties. And so the need for collagen drinks pretty much arises.
Ingredient List
For Mieux, the selling point is that it contains BHN Collagen which allows better absorption of collagen. Other ingredients such as CoQ10, Ceramide and Vitamin C & E are added to the formula for enhanced skin hydration, elasticity and luminosity.
The MU Nutrition+ range of supplements is specially designed for the concerns such as:
- Pre-mature aging due to loss of collagen and key vitamins for skin and organs
- Improve body's detoxification abilities
- Enhance gastro-intestinal health by introducing beneficent bacteria (Probiotics)
- Improve overall metabolism and blood circulation
- Block/ displace excess fat, sugars and carbohydrates consumed through daily diet
- Enhance overall organ functions
- Increase energy levels and vitality
- Improve immunity 
Just for my readers only on the Sample Store Exclusive, quote “SAMPLE STORE EXCLUSIVE”  followed by "ChaaYen" and you can get the exclusive promo which consists of  ONE (1) box of MU Mieux Collagen Beauty Drink @ only S$88 (UP S$108) BONUS PERKS! To make the deal sweeter, you get a complimentary Collagen Facial worth UPS$145/session for 1st 100 readers. Promo valid from 1 February to 31 March 2015, available at Mary Chia / Urban Homme outlets island-wide. Call 1800 250 2001 for redemption.
I think the promo is pretty good so for those who are keen to test out a new line nutritional supplements, do use my quote! Health is always your greatest Wealth. Take Care till next time. Hugs!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

ChaaYen Photo Mesh of the Week

Omg, it was like such a tiring week. I like just my photos and videos do the talking. I feel like I am behind some posts already. Grrr..maybe starting from next year, there will be some blogging changes. And till now I have yet to write my 2nd year "Goal" Post. Haha. Pun totally unintended. Also, feeling kinda of worried for my exam results. So yea, morose as a whole
Some photos from my cousin's wedding. It was really well organised and I love her fancy retro wedding car. My brother 21st birthday cake. I realise guys really go for simple stuff huh, he just wanted a bigger cake and that was all. No desire for any 21st birthday party. Haha

Oh yeah, a nice souvenir from my cousin wedding. Haha. Cos I was the youngest lady at the table. I got it :P
Lego Land
Since it was on the way, we stayed at Pulai Spring Resort and went to Lego Land, I am sorry to say it is still as boring as it was. This is my second time there and I tried to Google if it had any new rides and there were absolutely no comparison reviews on it. So I thought you know what, I am going to tell the people out there.
The only new "ride" was a short animation - Stars Wars which is like bleh. It is really a kid's place so if you are like a teenager like me, you would be quite sorely disappointed. I am not say that I am never going there but the next time you see me there, I am probably with my handful of noisy kids. HAHAHA!

Oh ya, and a video an early christmas countdown. Redeeming factor of the park! :P
Just to appease you guys for my inconsistent blogging, here is a photo of me pretending to be Yebin!
Anyway, this is probably one of my more informal posts, blabbering about my life. Is it corroding the professionalism of ForFunk as a review blog? Do tell me if you wanna hear about my totally boring life? Haha. You could always follow me on Instagram (where I pretend to be Yebin). I just got it recently! But I want to do a big bang before I reveal myself :P Cheeky!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Reduze Pro

Make Them Fat
Thinking like Mika, you would be glad to know of a product that allows you to cleanse, burn fat and lose weight effectively. Being big is not a sin, but if you desire to fit in some of your old clothes, you may consider losing some flab.
Based on the International Journal of Obesity (like wow) published in 2010, weight loss would release excess toxins into your body. So it is actually very important for you to detoxify your body when you are on a weight loss programme.
Presenting to you Reduze Pro with the triple action detox formula! It helps to rebalance your gut flora, improve digestive system and enjoy a sustainable weight loss.
Some key points you may want to note about Reduze Pro:
• New Synbiotic Weight Loss + Detox
• Clinically Proven
• Made In The USA Under Good Manufacturing Practices
• Works In Hours
• Backed By Multiple Studies
• Faster, Stronger, More Effective (-29% Calorie Intake)
• 20 Billion Live Probiotics Per Dose
Breaking the Cycle
With the triple detox action, it will help you to obtain weight loss. For normal effect, you just have to take 2 capsules once daily before food. If you are little more eager for results, you can take up to 3 capsules daily before food. But honestly, I would suggest to go slow, cos losing too much weight too fast will not be good for your overall health.
Hearing so much, you might want to try the product and know more about it. It is easily available at your nearest Guardian, John Little, Metro, NTUC Fairprice, Robinson, Sasa, Unity & Watsons as well as Rakuten!
Honestly, I was initially very skeptical about the product. I just started so for now, I only pooped more. Haha...elimination of toxins and waste through the most primitive way. Hehe. It is supposed to clear my complexation and flatten my tummy over time. 
I don't see much change in bowel regularity and I still have a desire to eat...the glutton in me just won't go easy on my body. But, I am still leading an active lifestyle so Reduze will hopefully help me reach my desired shape. Just a disclaimer, like all slimming products, the results may vary.
Chubby Kitty
I am not advocating skinny, but I prefer being slim. It is okay to be chubby as long as you are confident and fine with your figure.
For those who not very pleased with the number on the scale at the moment, you can try out Reduze. But at the same time, I would encourage you to be like me - do a little exercise and don't just rely on the pills to work its magic. I am on the lazy side too. But I want to look good, and look fit!

A discount code for you readers. Visit Rakuten and use the code: REDUZEPRO10. To only be used once for each member and is not applicable with any other discounts.The discount coupon is worth $10 with a minimum spend of $128 (1 box of Reduze Pro).  This coupon is valid from 17 Nov till  31 Dec 2014, just in time for detoxing of a fine Christmas binge! :)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Handicraft Time with Crafty Sue Lau

Presenting to you tada, a second series of the craft - JewClay. This is possibly one of the most interesting review to date cos I am very sure at least 99% of you people have no idea what this is.
It is basically a type of clay which is a Korean imported 2 part epoxy clay. I did some reading up on my own and found out that this sort of clay has a self-hardening factor and requires no firing and will self-cure in a short time. And the greatest beauty of epoxy clay, apart from looking so super classy with beads and crystals, it is very known for its durability. Sweat, water, rainwater (with the recent downpour) is really no cause of a worry! Your kid could probably slam your jewelry onto the ground and it is still in one piece! Hurray!
Crafty SL
It is really lucky that we have Sue for Crafty Sue Lau here with us today to show us more on JewClay. For those interested in learning more, Sue does offer classes to teach you how to handle epoxy clay but more for her closer friends. For those interested, I have attached her Youtube Videos which is very informative and helpful for those interested in the processes of making clay accessories.
A stay at home Mum, Sue is now a freelance DIY-er. She home teach her children craft work and work on mostly female accessories which revolves around the vintage theme. Unfortunately she is not selling all her claywork at the moment. :( As most of her orders are from friends, those being sold on Carousell are the extra pieces (still gorgeous though)!

I think I am very lucky cos I have the chance to review some of her work. To be honest, I dropped the hair clip once and I freaked out. Cos I thought it would break. But it is still in one piece so I quite certain of the quality. Her materials used are mainly "Jewclay", and her chains/rings/bezel are high quality plated to avoid fast tarnishing. As for the the Swarovski elements, she is using the Swarovski chatons (pointed back) which is more sparking/shinny then the flag backed crystal.
For such intricate work with Swarovski elements, Sue has actually made a tremendous effort in keeping her work affordable for budgeted shoppers. Instead of a hundred dollars price tag or more, we are now only looking at less than a quarter of it * Thumbs Up*
These are some of the works I received.
1. Handmade Vintage Design Hair Pin - Jewclay, Butterfly Chains and Swarovski crystals (Very unique hair clip for formal events. I don't see this sold in most places)
2. Handmade Mosaic Ring in Mint Green - Jewclay and Beads
3. Handmade Vintage Royal Design Pendant - Jewclay with Swarovski crystals (My fav piece cos I love the colour and design)
4. Handmade Aqua/ Tiffany Hair Clip - Jew Clay, mini key charm and Swarovski crystals (my stable hair accessory!)
Sue has a lot of nice works which you can find on her Facebook page. So keep a look out cos there will be a lot of nice crafts coming out soon. And do subscribe to her Youtube as well cos the tutorials will be uploaded there!