Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Beauty: Bare it all (down there)

Before 2014 comes to an end, I thought let's chat about something more taboo. Pubic hair. For Funk hasn't really talked about this topic before and it is a very intriguing and curious topic. My friends chatted about it before, but nobody really had the guts to really bare it out. And the information we have online just doesn't seem sufficient.
So I did some research on tada...Brazilian Waxing!
I think this is really the biggest question that pops out in most of our minds, especially those that are not very sexually liberated or living a life of celibacy. I am not sure, really too, cos I am probably either one of those and I don't think I am brash enough to ask anyone straight out loud. Haha.
My guess is at least in Asia itself, most people just go wild and let it grow, let it grow. Cos we are more inhibited in spreading our legs and let the professional play our bottoms. In Singapore, I think we might be growing a little bit more open since there are quite a few places offering such services.
I did find some results but, it didn't state the ethnic/ countries of the people surveyed it may not be very reflective. But I think it is probably true that woman are more well-groomed than man. We are more vain really and probably more eager to please in terms of visual. 
So thanks to Black Peony, I had the opportunity to experience the Brazilian Waxing and IPL Brazilian. 
Black Peony is located in the heartlands of Outram Park. It is within walking distance from the MRT station. And after that, I actually realised I had a direct bus home so that was really good for me. It is relatively easy to find with the aid of Goggle Maps.
Interior Exterior
The interior design of Black Peony may not be the most neat and organised place you go to. It gives me a retro feeling and there is a general mismatch in the furnitures and pieces. They provide nails services so at the outside, there is a nail palour. There is about 2 rooms for the waxing services. To be honest, at first, I had this naggy feeling on whether is this place legit? Is it hygienic? I think it could because cramped layout and there was so many things all over the place. It is actually kind of like my room. Lol.
Service wise, I think it is rather impressive. I received reminders email before the treatment. And I actually reached early cos I didn't expect to find the place that easily so I was even served tea. And I think I waited only less than 5 minutes from my allocated timing :)

But really, never judge a book by its cover. My therapist for the day was Nina. And I really love her because she was really chatty and friendly and that helped cos I am nervous. It was my virgin experience. *Worried Face* The video (I found) pretty much shows what you are in for the waxing. But I would say it is not very painful overall. 
Nina did test the wax temperature to gauge my tolerance level and she was very quick when removing the hard wax. That made the pain quick so you aren't in that much agony where you see in movies. You really need to bare it all at the bottom because for me I didn't know you got to go topless for spa massages -.- And i would have appreciated if someone could have prepared me for it earlier.
I also tried the IPL and I think most people might prefer the IPL cos it is comparatively less painful. It is sharp bolt pain targeted on one area versus a more spread out sort of pain. I can't say which one I prefer more but it was quite nice to have both together.
I did also learn a lot more about the designs available. Generally, people in Singapore go bare, but heart attack is like seriously cute. I just might do it for a honeymoon cos it totally ups the romance factor hehe. I think throughout the treatment, I did ask Nina like some of the most ridiculous question, like will the wax drip in? (Ans is No by the way) and also like whether Brazilian IPL will affect fertility? (No as well)
I did read online that what you are worried most for such treatments is infection, whereby after the treatment, it itches a lot. I intentionally wrote the review only after a few days to ensure that everything was ok. There is no itch. And it is quite nice and hygienic hairless. Even though I do feel that having some trimmed hair seems sexier. The hair growth is extraordinarily slow as what Nina has promised. I am not going bald at the bottom with just one little try, that's for sure. Haha.
Black Peony
I would really encourage you all to try out Black Peony services. There was no pushing of sales or anything. Going Brazilian takes quite a bit of courage and some desire for excitement. Once you overcome the first hurdle, there is really nothing stopping you trying it twice, apart from your sexual partner. Haha.
I have left their contact details here:
Black Peony
Blk 3 Everton Park #01-67 S
Singapore 080003
Tel: +65 9431 3913
So you want to book your appointment or enquire to know more, you can reach them easily. 

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