Friday, December 5, 2014

Handicraft Time with Crafty Sue Lau

Presenting to you tada, a second series of the craft - JewClay. This is possibly one of the most interesting review to date cos I am very sure at least 99% of you people have no idea what this is.
It is basically a type of clay which is a Korean imported 2 part epoxy clay. I did some reading up on my own and found out that this sort of clay has a self-hardening factor and requires no firing and will self-cure in a short time. And the greatest beauty of epoxy clay, apart from looking so super classy with beads and crystals, it is very known for its durability. Sweat, water, rainwater (with the recent downpour) is really no cause of a worry! Your kid could probably slam your jewelry onto the ground and it is still in one piece! Hurray!
Crafty SL
It is really lucky that we have Sue for Crafty Sue Lau here with us today to show us more on JewClay. For those interested in learning more, Sue does offer classes to teach you how to handle epoxy clay but more for her closer friends. For those interested, I have attached her Youtube Videos which is very informative and helpful for those interested in the processes of making clay accessories.
A stay at home Mum, Sue is now a freelance DIY-er. She home teach her children craft work and work on mostly female accessories which revolves around the vintage theme. Unfortunately she is not selling all her claywork at the moment. :( As most of her orders are from friends, those being sold on Carousell are the extra pieces (still gorgeous though)!

I think I am very lucky cos I have the chance to review some of her work. To be honest, I dropped the hair clip once and I freaked out. Cos I thought it would break. But it is still in one piece so I quite certain of the quality. Her materials used are mainly "Jewclay", and her chains/rings/bezel are high quality plated to avoid fast tarnishing. As for the the Swarovski elements, she is using the Swarovski chatons (pointed back) which is more sparking/shinny then the flag backed crystal.
For such intricate work with Swarovski elements, Sue has actually made a tremendous effort in keeping her work affordable for budgeted shoppers. Instead of a hundred dollars price tag or more, we are now only looking at less than a quarter of it * Thumbs Up*
These are some of the works I received.
1. Handmade Vintage Design Hair Pin - Jewclay, Butterfly Chains and Swarovski crystals (Very unique hair clip for formal events. I don't see this sold in most places)
2. Handmade Mosaic Ring in Mint Green - Jewclay and Beads
3. Handmade Vintage Royal Design Pendant - Jewclay with Swarovski crystals (My fav piece cos I love the colour and design)
4. Handmade Aqua/ Tiffany Hair Clip - Jew Clay, mini key charm and Swarovski crystals (my stable hair accessory!)
Sue has a lot of nice works which you can find on her Facebook page. So keep a look out cos there will be a lot of nice crafts coming out soon. And do subscribe to her Youtube as well cos the tutorials will be uploaded there!

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