Thursday, December 11, 2014

Reduze Pro

Make Them Fat
Thinking like Mika, you would be glad to know of a product that allows you to cleanse, burn fat and lose weight effectively. Being big is not a sin, but if you desire to fit in some of your old clothes, you may consider losing some flab.
Based on the International Journal of Obesity (like wow) published in 2010, weight loss would release excess toxins into your body. So it is actually very important for you to detoxify your body when you are on a weight loss programme.
Presenting to you Reduze Pro with the triple action detox formula! It helps to rebalance your gut flora, improve digestive system and enjoy a sustainable weight loss.
Some key points you may want to note about Reduze Pro:
• New Synbiotic Weight Loss + Detox
• Clinically Proven
• Made In The USA Under Good Manufacturing Practices
• Works In Hours
• Backed By Multiple Studies
• Faster, Stronger, More Effective (-29% Calorie Intake)
• 20 Billion Live Probiotics Per Dose
Breaking the Cycle
With the triple detox action, it will help you to obtain weight loss. For normal effect, you just have to take 2 capsules once daily before food. If you are little more eager for results, you can take up to 3 capsules daily before food. But honestly, I would suggest to go slow, cos losing too much weight too fast will not be good for your overall health.
Hearing so much, you might want to try the product and know more about it. It is easily available at your nearest Guardian, John Little, Metro, NTUC Fairprice, Robinson, Sasa, Unity & Watsons as well as Rakuten!
Honestly, I was initially very skeptical about the product. I just started so for now, I only pooped more. Haha...elimination of toxins and waste through the most primitive way. Hehe. It is supposed to clear my complexation and flatten my tummy over time. 
I don't see much change in bowel regularity and I still have a desire to eat...the glutton in me just won't go easy on my body. But, I am still leading an active lifestyle so Reduze will hopefully help me reach my desired shape. Just a disclaimer, like all slimming products, the results may vary.
Chubby Kitty
I am not advocating skinny, but I prefer being slim. It is okay to be chubby as long as you are confident and fine with your figure.
For those who not very pleased with the number on the scale at the moment, you can try out Reduze. But at the same time, I would encourage you to be like me - do a little exercise and don't just rely on the pills to work its magic. I am on the lazy side too. But I want to look good, and look fit!

A discount code for you readers. Visit Rakuten and use the code: REDUZEPRO10. To only be used once for each member and is not applicable with any other discounts.The discount coupon is worth $10 with a minimum spend of $128 (1 box of Reduze Pro).  This coupon is valid from 17 Nov till  31 Dec 2014, just in time for detoxing of a fine Christmas binge! :)

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