Sunday, December 28, 2014

Saving Christmas

Merry Xmas
I guess it was a rather emotional post so many people were worried about my thoughts on Xmas. I still like Christmas. Presents, Lightings and opportunities to take lots of pretty photos. No reason not to continue enjoying it. Hehe. :)
Play Tent
Sharing some photos from Play Tent at Sentosa with its oversized inflatable balloons. Not as impressive as they promised and it was a warm day. All I had were some nice photos and a very very grumpy BF. Not really worth the trip. But I did like the photos taken. :)
Garden By the Bay
The photos from the day of heartbreak. (Just 2?!? That's totally not worth it!) I know whatya thinking. There were more photos, but these was the nicer 2 granduer lightings on the outside. The others weren't fantastic. But these 2 were even though in my photos, they look rather meh. I was feeling crap and it was reflecting in my shots . :(
This X'mas week many of my friends got hitched. So it was really very busy for me. I also had a lot of gatherings. Not going to post the photos up, cos it would take too much work to blank their faces out. Haha. This is still not a personal blog after all. I try to keep it professional :P
The photos above are from Sentosa Cove, nice right? LIKE LIKE LIKE! It was so hard to find, but gorgeous scenery, so I thought I would share them with you readers. It was drizzling like mad the whole day. So sorry, can't really take much pictures :(
Xmas Tree
Yea, and my favourite - the tree all light up with presents underneath. I guess I am still bearing a grudge against my BF since I made him a snowman. Serves him right! Can't wait for 2015 already. 2014 is just a pain. Phat!

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