Tuesday, December 16, 2014

ChaaYen Photo Mesh of the Week

Omg, it was like such a tiring week. I like just my photos and videos do the talking. I feel like I am behind some posts already. Grrr..maybe starting from next year, there will be some blogging changes. And till now I have yet to write my 2nd year "Goal" Post. Haha. Pun totally unintended. Also, feeling kinda of worried for my exam results. So yea, morose as a whole
Some photos from my cousin's wedding. It was really well organised and I love her fancy retro wedding car. My brother 21st birthday cake. I realise guys really go for simple stuff huh, he just wanted a bigger cake and that was all. No desire for any 21st birthday party. Haha

Oh yeah, a nice souvenir from my cousin wedding. Haha. Cos I was the youngest lady at the table. I got it :P
Lego Land
Since it was on the way, we stayed at Pulai Spring Resort and went to Lego Land, I am sorry to say it is still as boring as it was. This is my second time there and I tried to Google if it had any new rides and there were absolutely no comparison reviews on it. So I thought you know what, I am going to tell the people out there.
The only new "ride" was a short animation - Stars Wars which is like bleh. It is really a kid's place so if you are like a teenager like me, you would be quite sorely disappointed. I am not say that I am never going there but the next time you see me there, I am probably with my handful of noisy kids. HAHAHA!

Oh ya, and a video an early christmas countdown. Redeeming factor of the park! :P
Just to appease you guys for my inconsistent blogging, here is a photo of me pretending to be Yebin!
Anyway, this is probably one of my more informal posts, blabbering about my life. Is it corroding the professionalism of ForFunk as a review blog? Do tell me if you wanna hear about my totally boring life? Haha. You could always follow me on Instagram (where I pretend to be Yebin). I just got it recently! But I want to do a big bang before I reveal myself :P Cheeky!

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