Friday, January 30, 2015

Pretty Little Things Part 7

Hello, hello, we are at 7 already. :) Cos Lucky 7 (sings a merry tune), so this edition came early so that you guys don't have to wait too long for it. We always need good shopping to start off the new year *Fist Punch*
Voilet Bud
Hair ties are pretty much grossly overpriced in Singapore if you buy them off the shelf. For me, I either get them online, purchase handmade products from artisans or wait till I go overseas before I let myself go wild buying hair decorations.
So today, I thought I would introduce you another nice handmade shop - Violet's Buds. Their designs are classy yet easy on the pocket. I am pretty sure you would find something for yourself or your little girl there. :)
Carfti Wukd
Rubber stamps are pretty in now, so for those who are in owning one of your own, I thought I would be nice and share with you a shop. Rubber stamps takes a lot of effort to carve it out. If possible, I definitely do hope ForFunk can find some artisans to bring you through the process. :)
So this is from Crafthi Wukd. Love the spelling of their name by the way. And you definitely can get your own personalised stamp from her if you are looking for something unique and truly yours. Makes a good thoughtful gift too, whatya think?
Last but not least, I thought I would show you a website (UK though) if you are looking for brands not being sold in Singapore. Although Singapore is a shopping heaven, there are a good number of brands that do not have flag shops in Singapore. It is ok if you reside in any part of the world, cos they do worldwide shipping.
So do visit MasterShoe and check out their wide variety! I think that's all we will have this time round. Till next time~ Hugs!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Review: Be a Belle, Shop Rosebel

Sometimes shopping experience are shaped by the customer service. This is one nice owner that I enjoyed working with so much and I think you all would also love her because she is just so sweet. Even reminded me to go retrieve my mail! So do check out Rosebel and support her.
Be prepared to be wowed away by some really nice photos, cos there was a really good natural sunlight flickering through my window and I took some nice shots. Feeling kinda of smug about it.
These are some items I reviewed from her shop. I have never been placed in such a difficult position because I don't really know which one I like best. It is really quite a conflicting decision.
They come nicely protected in bubble wraps and came in really good condition. The accessories is way prettier than what you see online, I swear. Especially the midnight iridescent ring, it had this shimmery dark blue. And I was rather pissed at my camera when it failed to capture it.
midnight iridescent ring
Until the natural sunlight came. It was like meant to be. Because, suddenly there was this glaring sunlight straight into my eye. Argh, I was hopping mad cos I am taking photos for review and did nature had to turn tables one me too!
And voila, I captured this. I hope this is not just narcissism on my part. No editing, and this photo looks super dang fantastic. The gorgeous blue finally captured. I nearly teared. This ring is really as beautiful as it looks. I know you are falling in love already.
The next piece that made me rather excited was the Galaxy Moon Necklace. The first thing that struck my mind when I saw it was to match my sailor moon outfit. Lately, I am exploring my Mum's old clothes. So I came out with the look which was a little on the retro, Japanese school-girl look. But it was kinda of dull cos it was just dark shades of blue.
I couldn't find any statement accessories to go with it. Cos anything that was too modern just couldn't fit in. But the Galaxy Moon Necklace was the perfect match :) :) And the galaxy charm is dangly making it extra cute and very unique. <3
Rocker Chic
The saturn choker was initially the obvious choice for "least favourite" among the accessories. I saw it and had this sinking feeling, I don't know whether I can pull this off. It is more for girls with spunk and those rocker chic look, which is not something I usually dock in.
But it was surprisingly good. And with a spaghetti top, it had a demure class to it too. I was quite pleasantly surprised to be honest. As a result, it made it tougher to decide which was best. Geez. Headache.
The last 2 golden leaf hairpin and quartz were safe bets for favourites. My Mum saw the hairpin and decided it was hers after I flaunted to her my photo. -.- She was like going every woman should have a golden leaf. Your grandma has a broach, I don't have one yet. And then she happily decided that golden leaf was hers. Hello, I don't have a golden leaf too you know.
I was lucky cos there was this PO quartz still available. Natural Beauty, I bet this phrase came out cos of them. It is very to match and goes with anything. :)
I know you all hate me already. I am here to burn a hole in your pocket. Haha. But good news ladies, Rosebel has a giveaway. So, do go check out her instagram and win yourself some goodies. The heart loop chocker do look good and my oh my, Rose Iridescent Earrings and Rings. I am going to join too. Hahaha, even though Instagram is not really my main social media. May the odds be in our favour!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Review: Daze no more with Paperdaise Accessories

Fabric accessories - brooches, necklaces, earrings, hijab pins etc.! All hand-crafted from scratch. If you are squealing on your seat, you would be thrilled to check out this store I have for you today. Paperdaise Accessories is founded by Sheree (a design architect and a mother of 1 playful boy).
There you will find gorgeous designs inspired by her daily work and family life as well as the designs of the well-known architects and fashion designers. However, each design is completely original and it is really dainty and lovely.
I received a little package from Sheree to add on to my accessories collection. The box was not the most fancy but I have to say it was very thoughtful and it did make me very excited. I would have to say I am most amazed with the headband because it was placed in a box to protect the fabric flowers. Indeed an architect!
She started off Paperdaise Accessories as an experimental project for her own ever-changing wardrobe that would be suited for different occasions. But I guess we are very glad she did not selfishly save these nimble fingers for herself.
I really do appreciate the efforts she put into each accessories. The quality is very good and is even better than established brand such as Helen. And not only that, I feel that she is pricing them "too affordably" which is really very kind of her. Sheree carefully handpicked her materials so maybe this explains the exquisiteness.
I have to say most of her designs would be more dainty and delicate. They are cute, but I won't exactly classify them as cutesy cute, but something that is adorably classy. It is timeless in a sense that I won't feel embarrassed wearing it even if I am thirty. You will know what I mean in my next collage.
For those of you who are blessed with little princesses, you will be glad that Sheree also has a collection of baby hairbands to help you doll your girls up. For any woman/girls out there, Paperdaise Accessories is one treasure trove where you can find lovely accessories. Every piece is unique so I sure hope you can find something uniquely yours out there.
For me, I absolutely adore my kitty earrings and peach hairband. I am saving it for CNY though. But I did shamelessly take a lot of selfies, cos I thought I look so dang gorgeous. And I didn't even have to do any magic on the photos! Either these accessories make me look beautiful or I am naturally gorgeous and I didn't realise it till now. Lol!
Last but not least details on how you can reach out to your acccessories chest of wonders:
I am already anticipating CNY!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Review: Back to School with Hilivre

School's back for like 1-3 weeks already, depending on which institution you are at. For some of you people who are working are probably at life-long learning, so this would still be handy to you.
So why is this post only up now? Cos I was sailing the 7 seas while all of you people were in dreary school/ work :P But now, it is back to reality for me.
Back to School
Stationary, it is all about stationary today. Everyone needs a happy set of stationary, gay and bright to add some colours to your daily, laborious (school)work. If you came from my time, paper products used to be really boring - remember those day where we have our standard lined jotter books, exercise books and foolscap paper. Back then, life was a lot more "structured", any attempt to use more interesting books, you would see your books flying across the classroom. (Yea, I am from the era where the teacher could whack, scold and trample.) :(
But now, things are a little different. We have gorgeous notebooks from brands like Moleskine, Kikki.K and even Smiggle. Of course, the price is on the steeper side. We have brands like A'Zone which can be found in "Popular". But it is very generic and could be considered dull for those who are a little more vibrant in character.
Today, we have a personal mirco business, Hilivre, up for our scrutiny. For those looking for cheaper alternatives of premium notebooks, this would be your new shopping heaven. Hilivre holds quite a varied selection of notebooks, planners and diaries. Most of their products quite unique and I like the fact they do not focus just on cutesy stuff.
Pretty much a one-man show with some assistance from his parents and girlfriend, the owner himself actually came out the name, logo and even sourced for the products to import. Customers are placed No. 1 here. Being the admin for Hilivre's Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Carousell pages, you will be sure that all your feedbacks and pleasant comments are read and received by the owner himself :)
The first item I will be reviewing is the Turquoise Puss in Boots planner. Firstly, the colour is very unique and pleasant to the eye. I have to say it is very value for money. It has practically everything you need all consolidated in to one. There is the monthly page, weekly page, ruled lines for you to mark your expenses or jot down nice quotes (Okay, I tend to do that so I find this a must-have in any good planner). Plus, you have some nice spaces with cute pictures for your doodling pleasure.
And it is only for SGD12. Yup, not kidding. Varied pages, and a good sizable number of pages which can last you for 1-2 years. So if you stretch the dollar, it would be SGD6/ year for a fabulous planner! Pssst, the owner favourite products are the Wabibook and Hoodie notebook, but one is sold out already!
The second item is a Candy Colour Index File. This is just so cheerful. You will see a reminder to "keep smiling (everytime)" you take out the file. There are 4 slits to index, so it makes sorting easier. However, I don't think you can put thick sets of exam papers in it if you want it to last long. :)
Moss Pet
And lastly the cutest non-living pet ever. My pet squirrel. Hehe. It looks big but it is not that big really. If you are getting one, please remember to rinse it under water first, otherwise your pet will shed grass soon. :( But if you rinse it under water, you will have a very easy to maintain pet! Smiles!
If you want to have quick updates, you can connect with Hilivre, please visit:

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Funky Find: My 6.13

Less Than One was really too interesting not to share it. So, there is this website that let you calculate your chance in finding your soulmate. Pretty cool right, using probability and mathematics, love has never been so scientific.
Less Than One
And so there are a few questions that you need to answer and tada~~~ you will get your answers. 
1. The City you live in - Singapore is in, so hip hip hurray!
2. The Gender you are interested in - Which is roughly 50% of the population
3. Your Age Group - which will determine the number of people in that age range you will be interested in...which is roughly a third (of cos I know of many people who date/marry out of their age group)
4. If looks are very important to you?
5. If you want to be mentally challenged?
6. If it is important you and your partner share the same values?
7. How easy you "click" with people?
So basically, the more picky you are, the less perfect matches there are for does it mean we have to stop demanding for the best?
This is my sad sad score. Not all 6.13 are single you know right? So maybe, I only have 1, and that 1 is my boyfriend who thank god I snagged. But if he dump me then I might be forever alone...gulp.
So it is true when people say mature, respectful guys are out there and worth waiting for, but they are just really hard to find. V-Day is coming! To those attached, do make your perfect partner feel special, cos it seems that soul mates are hard to come by. It is not everyday you chance upon a special someone, who can take you to dizzying new heights and terrifying lows. :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Review: Aqua Acne Clear Renewal with ClearSK

About a month back, I was invited for 4 Aqua Acne Clear Renewal treatment sessions with ClearSK®. I don't have the best skin but I have decently good skin but someone who sometimes "forgets" to religiously stick to her cleansing routine. *Dopey Smile*
So, the vain trait in me took up the review cos I wanted to look prettier and desired to have better skin. I did some reading up on the treatment. It was supposed to get rid of dead skins, maintenance of Acne prone or combination skin, correction of Acne marks, scars or fine wrinkles and balances the uneven skin tone. 
ClearSKBut my boyfriend and parents thought that I shouldn't go for it. Cos if the treatment didn't work for me, I could end up having terrible skin, worse than what I have and that wasn't really worth the risk. So I admit this kinda made me rather unsettled and paranoid. Technically, the treatment was supposed to be done on a weekly basis but Alicia was really nice about it, she allowed to do on a fortnightly basis as per ClearSK® recommendations on their website for optimal results. I would suggest once a month if you have dry skin cos the treatment actually helps to reduce the oil production.
So how is the procedure like? Overall, it is about a quick 45 minutes, maximum. I won't say it is completely painless. There will first be a cleansing routine followed by a diamond tip with applied suction will be moved around your face. There is mild pulling action to clear the dead skin. The diamond tip can be a little rough, but it is still bearable. After the removal of the dead skin, there will be 2-3 layers of acids applied to the skin which resulted in slight biting for my case. Lastly, a premium mask would be applied.
Treatment 1
So this was how I looked like after my first treatment. No editing of photos. Because there was some stinging feeling on my face during the layers of acid, I was very afraid my face would be puffy and red. The first thing I did was to make sure my BF vowed that looks doesn't matter and even if I looked ugly, he would still not dump me. And when I reached home, I made my mum inspect my face. All was well :) And that set my heart at ease.
Throughout the treatment, I have to say I was one whiny, overly-inquisitive customer. I am rather impressed with their service cos they didn't get pissed with me halfway or gave me irritated answers. They were very patient with my antics. Even when I freaked out when there was that stinging sensation, they offered to remove it. I really appreciated the fact that they were extremely accommodating and flexible because that made me felt they valued what I was feeling and was not just after my money. You know how some facial place work. Bleh.
Clear Sk
My second treatment was at Novena Skin Centre, another location. Princess, my therapist was very professional. She whatsapp me to make sure I knew how to get there and when I was early, I even called her cos I didn't see anyone at the counter and got a little worried. I am one hell of a worrier. But, she was very reassuring and got someone to attend to me within minutes. 
The theme colour of ClearSK® is white, so it gives me a clean, hygienic clinical feel. The therapists do change, but they aren't the irritatingly chatty type but attend to your needs very efficiently. Overall, their rooms are small but spacious. The bed is comfy and there will be soothing music serenading you during the treatment. It helps that there is no outside noise during the treatments. Even for such an uptight person like me, I did doze off a few times. :)
So after 4 treatments, I would say that my face is less oily. There was no irritation of skin which resulted in redness. It won't remove scars but it does lighten the marks. My skin is lightly more hydrated. Overall, no known side effects and all you have to do after each treatment is remember to put your sunblock and avoid direct sunlight!
Although this treatment may not be suitable for those who are sensitive to chemicals, exfoliators and diamond peels. Treatment-wise, I would probably give it 3 stars but service-wise, it is just the best I have been to, no hesitation in the 5 stars.
My review is last among the pack. :( Cos I mis-read the requirements. Dumb. I thought the review only had to be out after the full treatment. But it does have its silver lining because you guys get to know the full picture for my blog! Yeah for lousy comprehension. Hehz.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Review: Pucker Up to nice lips

I have rarely shared about lip care with you people, it is actually part of oral hygiene. So to start off 2015, we will start off with a review on Pucker.
I received it before Chirstmas, so my package was rather Christmasy, with a nice Father Claus that came along with it which was so very cute. <3
I met up with their owners, the pretty Reena and the founder Shaune to understand the collection better and pick my favourite few. Honestly, I was quite surprised that the initial owner behind Pucker was a guy. For me, it is quite unthinkable that guys are interested in lip care.
The 2 of them have a lot of ideas to develop the business, so apart from lip care, I won't be surprised I would be reviewing other products from them in future. And for you girls and guys who are very interested in natural, organic cosmetics, you should totally follow them on Instagram or Facebook, so that you are always updated.
Hurraw With regards to the flavour that you would like, you should totally visit at the flea to test them out. Cos different individuals vary, I generally had a liking to the popular ones but some of them was a little too overpowering for me so it is really important you find your match. Do note that all of them have a seal. Make sure it is unbroken before you use it. :)
The 4 that I reviewed are:
1. Crazy Rumors Bunny Leaping Bunny - I chose it cos I like bunnies and the name sounded so cute. It is actually basically Plum Apricot so it is a fruity fragrance type which I usually go for. <3
2. Crazy Rumors Hibiskiss - It is a very typical smell for lip balms. But this one is the only tinted one among the four. It has a rash red (the middle of the square box) with some shimmer so it is very natural looking. It is my staple when I am feeling a little more fancy.
3. Hurraw Sun Balm - Also another of my staple when I don't want too much attention on my lips. This one comes with SPF 15, so it can protects my lips from the strong uv rays. It has a very citrus taste. So hurray.
4. Hurraw - Earl Grey Lip Balm - It is probably my favourite among them all. Honestly, I think it is quite suitable for guys cos the packaging doesn't look too gay and it taste elegant. It is something I would apply on my BF's lips cos I wanna taste it when I kiss it. HAHAHA!
So the last product I reviewed was the lip scrub. It was very tasty and sweet. The sugar grains are exactly the fine type but when you rub it against your lips, it doesn't hurt at all. After using it, there is some sort of numbing effect but they would feel softer and smoother. It is like giving your lips a nice lip spa...
Because it kinda taste really good, there is a real possibility that anyone might just eat it instead of use it. Lol.
Vainity Bag
Haha, my little bag I have in my handbag. My Travalo Perfume Holder, tiny fan (so aunty) Haha, face mask (for bad smog days) and 2 nice lip goodness!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Let's usher in 2015 already!

 Hip Hip Hurray, out with the old and in with the new. It is finally 2015. Time flies doesn't it? It is now in with the new year. It is really high time we do some resolution. But that will be in another post cos it takes thought when we decide the new direction of For Funk.
But one thing for sure 2015 is going to be very busy for For Funk, we are packed for reviews, surprising but very very true. And so I would like to do a call-out for guest writers to share For Funk success and passion.
You may not know, but I did start out guest writing myself before I had the courage to venture into real hard-core reviewing. So I would like to pass the baton, spread the blessing to my readers, especially those who had always wanted to write, to influence, to motivate and maybe to try to change the world.
But you have to be a fantastic writer. And by that, I mean coherent, succinct and be very very genuine in your reviews (because ForFunk's name is at stake now you are part of the team!) In return, you may get little perks such as going for events on my behalf or reviewing stuff that it is not my expertise and interest. Be diverse! Be different! (You don't have to share the exact passion as me, it is good if we are a little opposite so that our readers can have more holistic views) Cos 2015 shouldn't be the same as 2014.
Happy 2015
And lastly to my readers out there, have a great 2015! There will be more surprises, more fun and more, more places, new products to share with you!