Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Review: Aqua Acne Clear Renewal with ClearSK

About a month back, I was invited for 4 Aqua Acne Clear Renewal treatment sessions with ClearSK®. I don't have the best skin but I have decently good skin but someone who sometimes "forgets" to religiously stick to her cleansing routine. *Dopey Smile*
So, the vain trait in me took up the review cos I wanted to look prettier and desired to have better skin. I did some reading up on the treatment. It was supposed to get rid of dead skins, maintenance of Acne prone or combination skin, correction of Acne marks, scars or fine wrinkles and balances the uneven skin tone. 
ClearSKBut my boyfriend and parents thought that I shouldn't go for it. Cos if the treatment didn't work for me, I could end up having terrible skin, worse than what I have and that wasn't really worth the risk. So I admit this kinda made me rather unsettled and paranoid. Technically, the treatment was supposed to be done on a weekly basis but Alicia was really nice about it, she allowed to do on a fortnightly basis as per ClearSK® recommendations on their website for optimal results. I would suggest once a month if you have dry skin cos the treatment actually helps to reduce the oil production.
So how is the procedure like? Overall, it is about a quick 45 minutes, maximum. I won't say it is completely painless. There will first be a cleansing routine followed by a diamond tip with applied suction will be moved around your face. There is mild pulling action to clear the dead skin. The diamond tip can be a little rough, but it is still bearable. After the removal of the dead skin, there will be 2-3 layers of acids applied to the skin which resulted in slight biting for my case. Lastly, a premium mask would be applied.
Treatment 1
So this was how I looked like after my first treatment. No editing of photos. Because there was some stinging feeling on my face during the layers of acid, I was very afraid my face would be puffy and red. The first thing I did was to make sure my BF vowed that looks doesn't matter and even if I looked ugly, he would still not dump me. And when I reached home, I made my mum inspect my face. All was well :) And that set my heart at ease.
Throughout the treatment, I have to say I was one whiny, overly-inquisitive customer. I am rather impressed with their service cos they didn't get pissed with me halfway or gave me irritated answers. They were very patient with my antics. Even when I freaked out when there was that stinging sensation, they offered to remove it. I really appreciated the fact that they were extremely accommodating and flexible because that made me felt they valued what I was feeling and was not just after my money. You know how some facial place work. Bleh.
Clear Sk
My second treatment was at Novena Skin Centre, another location. Princess, my therapist was very professional. She whatsapp me to make sure I knew how to get there and when I was early, I even called her cos I didn't see anyone at the counter and got a little worried. I am one hell of a worrier. But, she was very reassuring and got someone to attend to me within minutes. 
The theme colour of ClearSK® is white, so it gives me a clean, hygienic clinical feel. The therapists do change, but they aren't the irritatingly chatty type but attend to your needs very efficiently. Overall, their rooms are small but spacious. The bed is comfy and there will be soothing music serenading you during the treatment. It helps that there is no outside noise during the treatments. Even for such an uptight person like me, I did doze off a few times. :)
So after 4 treatments, I would say that my face is less oily. There was no irritation of skin which resulted in redness. It won't remove scars but it does lighten the marks. My skin is lightly more hydrated. Overall, no known side effects and all you have to do after each treatment is remember to put your sunblock and avoid direct sunlight!
Although this treatment may not be suitable for those who are sensitive to chemicals, exfoliators and diamond peels. Treatment-wise, I would probably give it 3 stars but service-wise, it is just the best I have been to, no hesitation in the 5 stars.
My review is last among the pack. :( Cos I mis-read the requirements. Dumb. I thought the review only had to be out after the full treatment. But it does have its silver lining because you guys get to know the full picture for my blog! Yeah for lousy comprehension. Hehz.

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