Sunday, January 18, 2015

Review: Back to School with Hilivre

School's back for like 1-3 weeks already, depending on which institution you are at. For some of you people who are working are probably at life-long learning, so this would still be handy to you.
So why is this post only up now? Cos I was sailing the 7 seas while all of you people were in dreary school/ work :P But now, it is back to reality for me.
Back to School
Stationary, it is all about stationary today. Everyone needs a happy set of stationary, gay and bright to add some colours to your daily, laborious (school)work. If you came from my time, paper products used to be really boring - remember those day where we have our standard lined jotter books, exercise books and foolscap paper. Back then, life was a lot more "structured", any attempt to use more interesting books, you would see your books flying across the classroom. (Yea, I am from the era where the teacher could whack, scold and trample.) :(
But now, things are a little different. We have gorgeous notebooks from brands like Moleskine, Kikki.K and even Smiggle. Of course, the price is on the steeper side. We have brands like A'Zone which can be found in "Popular". But it is very generic and could be considered dull for those who are a little more vibrant in character.
Today, we have a personal mirco business, Hilivre, up for our scrutiny. For those looking for cheaper alternatives of premium notebooks, this would be your new shopping heaven. Hilivre holds quite a varied selection of notebooks, planners and diaries. Most of their products quite unique and I like the fact they do not focus just on cutesy stuff.
Pretty much a one-man show with some assistance from his parents and girlfriend, the owner himself actually came out the name, logo and even sourced for the products to import. Customers are placed No. 1 here. Being the admin for Hilivre's Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Carousell pages, you will be sure that all your feedbacks and pleasant comments are read and received by the owner himself :)
The first item I will be reviewing is the Turquoise Puss in Boots planner. Firstly, the colour is very unique and pleasant to the eye. I have to say it is very value for money. It has practically everything you need all consolidated in to one. There is the monthly page, weekly page, ruled lines for you to mark your expenses or jot down nice quotes (Okay, I tend to do that so I find this a must-have in any good planner). Plus, you have some nice spaces with cute pictures for your doodling pleasure.
And it is only for SGD12. Yup, not kidding. Varied pages, and a good sizable number of pages which can last you for 1-2 years. So if you stretch the dollar, it would be SGD6/ year for a fabulous planner! Pssst, the owner favourite products are the Wabibook and Hoodie notebook, but one is sold out already!
The second item is a Candy Colour Index File. This is just so cheerful. You will see a reminder to "keep smiling (everytime)" you take out the file. There are 4 slits to index, so it makes sorting easier. However, I don't think you can put thick sets of exam papers in it if you want it to last long. :)
Moss Pet
And lastly the cutest non-living pet ever. My pet squirrel. Hehe. It looks big but it is not that big really. If you are getting one, please remember to rinse it under water first, otherwise your pet will shed grass soon. :( But if you rinse it under water, you will have a very easy to maintain pet! Smiles!
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