Saturday, January 17, 2015

Funky Find: My 6.13

Less Than One was really too interesting not to share it. So, there is this website that let you calculate your chance in finding your soulmate. Pretty cool right, using probability and mathematics, love has never been so scientific.
Less Than One
And so there are a few questions that you need to answer and tada~~~ you will get your answers. 
1. The City you live in - Singapore is in, so hip hip hurray!
2. The Gender you are interested in - Which is roughly 50% of the population
3. Your Age Group - which will determine the number of people in that age range you will be interested in...which is roughly a third (of cos I know of many people who date/marry out of their age group)
4. If looks are very important to you?
5. If you want to be mentally challenged?
6. If it is important you and your partner share the same values?
7. How easy you "click" with people?
So basically, the more picky you are, the less perfect matches there are for does it mean we have to stop demanding for the best?
This is my sad sad score. Not all 6.13 are single you know right? So maybe, I only have 1, and that 1 is my boyfriend who thank god I snagged. But if he dump me then I might be forever alone...gulp.
So it is true when people say mature, respectful guys are out there and worth waiting for, but they are just really hard to find. V-Day is coming! To those attached, do make your perfect partner feel special, cos it seems that soul mates are hard to come by. It is not everyday you chance upon a special someone, who can take you to dizzying new heights and terrifying lows. :)

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