Thursday, January 22, 2015

Review: Daze no more with Paperdaise Accessories

Fabric accessories - brooches, necklaces, earrings, hijab pins etc.! All hand-crafted from scratch. If you are squealing on your seat, you would be thrilled to check out this store I have for you today. Paperdaise Accessories is founded by Sheree (a design architect and a mother of 1 playful boy).
There you will find gorgeous designs inspired by her daily work and family life as well as the designs of the well-known architects and fashion designers. However, each design is completely original and it is really dainty and lovely.
I received a little package from Sheree to add on to my accessories collection. The box was not the most fancy but I have to say it was very thoughtful and it did make me very excited. I would have to say I am most amazed with the headband because it was placed in a box to protect the fabric flowers. Indeed an architect!
She started off Paperdaise Accessories as an experimental project for her own ever-changing wardrobe that would be suited for different occasions. But I guess we are very glad she did not selfishly save these nimble fingers for herself.
I really do appreciate the efforts she put into each accessories. The quality is very good and is even better than established brand such as Helen. And not only that, I feel that she is pricing them "too affordably" which is really very kind of her. Sheree carefully handpicked her materials so maybe this explains the exquisiteness.
I have to say most of her designs would be more dainty and delicate. They are cute, but I won't exactly classify them as cutesy cute, but something that is adorably classy. It is timeless in a sense that I won't feel embarrassed wearing it even if I am thirty. You will know what I mean in my next collage.
For those of you who are blessed with little princesses, you will be glad that Sheree also has a collection of baby hairbands to help you doll your girls up. For any woman/girls out there, Paperdaise Accessories is one treasure trove where you can find lovely accessories. Every piece is unique so I sure hope you can find something uniquely yours out there.
For me, I absolutely adore my kitty earrings and peach hairband. I am saving it for CNY though. But I did shamelessly take a lot of selfies, cos I thought I look so dang gorgeous. And I didn't even have to do any magic on the photos! Either these accessories make me look beautiful or I am naturally gorgeous and I didn't realise it till now. Lol!
Last but not least details on how you can reach out to your acccessories chest of wonders:
I am already anticipating CNY!

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