Friday, January 30, 2015

Pretty Little Things Part 7

Hello, hello, we are at 7 already. :) Cos Lucky 7 (sings a merry tune), so this edition came early so that you guys don't have to wait too long for it. We always need good shopping to start off the new year *Fist Punch*
Voilet Bud
Hair ties are pretty much grossly overpriced in Singapore if you buy them off the shelf. For me, I either get them online, purchase handmade products from artisans or wait till I go overseas before I let myself go wild buying hair decorations.
So today, I thought I would introduce you another nice handmade shop - Violet's Buds. Their designs are classy yet easy on the pocket. I am pretty sure you would find something for yourself or your little girl there. :)
Carfti Wukd
Rubber stamps are pretty in now, so for those who are in owning one of your own, I thought I would be nice and share with you a shop. Rubber stamps takes a lot of effort to carve it out. If possible, I definitely do hope ForFunk can find some artisans to bring you through the process. :)
So this is from Crafthi Wukd. Love the spelling of their name by the way. And you definitely can get your own personalised stamp from her if you are looking for something unique and truly yours. Makes a good thoughtful gift too, whatya think?
Last but not least, I thought I would show you a website (UK though) if you are looking for brands not being sold in Singapore. Although Singapore is a shopping heaven, there are a good number of brands that do not have flag shops in Singapore. It is ok if you reside in any part of the world, cos they do worldwide shipping.
So do visit MasterShoe and check out their wide variety! I think that's all we will have this time round. Till next time~ Hugs!

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