Saturday, January 3, 2015

Review: Pucker Up to nice lips

I have rarely shared about lip care with you people, it is actually part of oral hygiene. So to start off 2015, we will start off with a review on Pucker.
I received it before Chirstmas, so my package was rather Christmasy, with a nice Father Claus that came along with it which was so very cute. <3
I met up with their owners, the pretty Reena and the founder Shaune to understand the collection better and pick my favourite few. Honestly, I was quite surprised that the initial owner behind Pucker was a guy. For me, it is quite unthinkable that guys are interested in lip care.
The 2 of them have a lot of ideas to develop the business, so apart from lip care, I won't be surprised I would be reviewing other products from them in future. And for you girls and guys who are very interested in natural, organic cosmetics, you should totally follow them on Instagram or Facebook, so that you are always updated.
Hurraw With regards to the flavour that you would like, you should totally visit at the flea to test them out. Cos different individuals vary, I generally had a liking to the popular ones but some of them was a little too overpowering for me so it is really important you find your match. Do note that all of them have a seal. Make sure it is unbroken before you use it. :)
The 4 that I reviewed are:
1. Crazy Rumors Bunny Leaping Bunny - I chose it cos I like bunnies and the name sounded so cute. It is actually basically Plum Apricot so it is a fruity fragrance type which I usually go for. <3
2. Crazy Rumors Hibiskiss - It is a very typical smell for lip balms. But this one is the only tinted one among the four. It has a rash red (the middle of the square box) with some shimmer so it is very natural looking. It is my staple when I am feeling a little more fancy.
3. Hurraw Sun Balm - Also another of my staple when I don't want too much attention on my lips. This one comes with SPF 15, so it can protects my lips from the strong uv rays. It has a very citrus taste. So hurray.
4. Hurraw - Earl Grey Lip Balm - It is probably my favourite among them all. Honestly, I think it is quite suitable for guys cos the packaging doesn't look too gay and it taste elegant. It is something I would apply on my BF's lips cos I wanna taste it when I kiss it. HAHAHA!
So the last product I reviewed was the lip scrub. It was very tasty and sweet. The sugar grains are exactly the fine type but when you rub it against your lips, it doesn't hurt at all. After using it, there is some sort of numbing effect but they would feel softer and smoother. It is like giving your lips a nice lip spa...
Because it kinda taste really good, there is a real possibility that anyone might just eat it instead of use it. Lol.
Vainity Bag
Haha, my little bag I have in my handbag. My Travalo Perfume Holder, tiny fan (so aunty) Haha, face mask (for bad smog days) and 2 nice lip goodness!

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