Sunday, January 25, 2015

Review: Be a Belle, Shop Rosebel

Sometimes shopping experience are shaped by the customer service. This is one nice owner that I enjoyed working with so much and I think you all would also love her because she is just so sweet. Even reminded me to go retrieve my mail! So do check out Rosebel and support her.
Be prepared to be wowed away by some really nice photos, cos there was a really good natural sunlight flickering through my window and I took some nice shots. Feeling kinda of smug about it.
These are some items I reviewed from her shop. I have never been placed in such a difficult position because I don't really know which one I like best. It is really quite a conflicting decision.
They come nicely protected in bubble wraps and came in really good condition. The accessories is way prettier than what you see online, I swear. Especially the midnight iridescent ring, it had this shimmery dark blue. And I was rather pissed at my camera when it failed to capture it.
midnight iridescent ring
Until the natural sunlight came. It was like meant to be. Because, suddenly there was this glaring sunlight straight into my eye. Argh, I was hopping mad cos I am taking photos for review and did nature had to turn tables one me too!
And voila, I captured this. I hope this is not just narcissism on my part. No editing, and this photo looks super dang fantastic. The gorgeous blue finally captured. I nearly teared. This ring is really as beautiful as it looks. I know you are falling in love already.
The next piece that made me rather excited was the Galaxy Moon Necklace. The first thing that struck my mind when I saw it was to match my sailor moon outfit. Lately, I am exploring my Mum's old clothes. So I came out with the look which was a little on the retro, Japanese school-girl look. But it was kinda of dull cos it was just dark shades of blue.
I couldn't find any statement accessories to go with it. Cos anything that was too modern just couldn't fit in. But the Galaxy Moon Necklace was the perfect match :) :) And the galaxy charm is dangly making it extra cute and very unique. <3
Rocker Chic
The saturn choker was initially the obvious choice for "least favourite" among the accessories. I saw it and had this sinking feeling, I don't know whether I can pull this off. It is more for girls with spunk and those rocker chic look, which is not something I usually dock in.
But it was surprisingly good. And with a spaghetti top, it had a demure class to it too. I was quite pleasantly surprised to be honest. As a result, it made it tougher to decide which was best. Geez. Headache.
The last 2 golden leaf hairpin and quartz were safe bets for favourites. My Mum saw the hairpin and decided it was hers after I flaunted to her my photo. -.- She was like going every woman should have a golden leaf. Your grandma has a broach, I don't have one yet. And then she happily decided that golden leaf was hers. Hello, I don't have a golden leaf too you know.
I was lucky cos there was this PO quartz still available. Natural Beauty, I bet this phrase came out cos of them. It is very to match and goes with anything. :)
I know you all hate me already. I am here to burn a hole in your pocket. Haha. But good news ladies, Rosebel has a giveaway. So, do go check out her instagram and win yourself some goodies. The heart loop chocker do look good and my oh my, Rose Iridescent Earrings and Rings. I am going to join too. Hahaha, even though Instagram is not really my main social media. May the odds be in our favour!!!

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