Friday, February 27, 2015

Sawadee Cup, Thycupbearer!

If you have collaborated with me before, I can be quite slow on my reviews. Sticks tongue out. Busy la. Hehehe.
But this collaboration made me really, really excited. I just unwrapped it this evening and it is now up on my blog. Like what?!?
Presenting Thycupbearer! Here you can find hand drawn cups as gifts for all occasions! You may add a name or any words or quotes of your choice. Or maybe even dream out something and get Thycupbearer to customise it for you.


White, black, blue, brown, light blue and purple porcelain cups are available. I thought the light blue and brown were really pretty. It is those unique colour that is pretty rare in the market. I didn't review them cos my BF is more of the conservative, boring nature tone type of people. Yea, by now, you know. Gah!

enamel cups

And they even have old school enamel cups. So darn cute and very suitable for corporate events with "Shanghai Night", "Old School" themes. I wanted to review them but they were OOS. Bummer. :(

But you have to admit that even if you don't use them for cups, they look really good as pencil holders or even vases/pots to grow little plants in. *Sigh*


Thycupbearer do design cups for corporate events and have even worked with ERA. So you don't have to hesitate contacting them for quotes. If you look through the Facebook gallery, you would notice the improvement in the drawings on the cup. It is like seeing her master the art of "cupicature" and "cupligraphy".


I particularly like their Christmas edition cos I think I have a thing for simple strokes that make pretty pictures. This look pretty awesome to have at a wedding too :) Really an awesome gift that is not for a specific gender.

In fact, you should really go to their Facebook, cos the owner herself takes very lovely pictures and would give my photography skills a good run for its money.


Hehe, so I opted for couple cups. Cos I am kinda of hanging out at my BF's house really often and I don't have my own cup there. :( He has a cup at my house already! Kinda unfair huh? I am just calculative when it comes to this. It is slightly different in colour (Purple and Black) for easy identification.

So I customised a Love Chualaddin and Jasminern...cute nick huh? :) I know all lovers are a bit dumb and mushy. :P And also had quotes at the back "Live every moment. Laugh everyday. Love beyond words." We don't have any lover's quotes etc. But when I saw these lines, I think it pretty much summarised how I feel life should be. So, I wanted my BF to remember to live a happy life and be reminded every morning he sips his coffee from this cup.


I bet you are curious how delivery is done since they are very fragile items. We did it by post, yup by post. And they came nice wrapped in plastic, mummified with newspaper and very, very much in one piece. Impressive huh?

I did have a really fun time unwrapping it. Layers after layers, I ripped it off anticipating what was inside. Thycupbearer 's mission to spread joy, love and laughter succeeded. I was delirious with the cups.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Sorry, but no prize for guessing the owner's name Haha. I know you are interested and very curious. I have linked Thycupbearer Facebook. And they have collaborated with Sunday Morning Celebrations so you may find their products there if you are interested in feeling and touching cups. (Oh god, my mind is one lewd one coming with such bad puns)

Address: 30 Seng Poh Road, #01-259, S(168898)

So see you and goodnight, my eyelids are droopy!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beauty Alert: Illamasqua

Make-up Junkies alert! Illamasqua first flagship store is open now in Takashimaya S.C.#B1-32!
Illamasqua is a UK brand. For those who love experimenting with bold looks, you would be thrilled to know this brand has a wide collection of colours and this includes pretty bright colours as well.
Was pretty excited to get myself a pair of invites to attend an exclusive make up demo. But as my luck would have it, I had to OT. *sad face* But, I thought I would like to share with you some highlights which I got from their Facebook.
I know right, it look like it was so much fun! I could have been there, learning all the cool tips and the next thing you know, I will be flaunting all my new skills and presenting a funkier me. Now you feel my pain. *Pouts*
OMG, just check out these looks. I don't know whether I can pull them off. But I sure love those boldacious lippies! I have to admit I am secretly in love with the purple lipstick HAHAHA!
But I do feel that not all of you may share my taste. Illamasqua is a brand which you would either worship it and fall head over heels in love with or just go like "neh". Goth, dark and dangerous isn't for everyone. :)
If you are free, do drop them a visit, and tell me what you think? Their shopfront really do look sleek and sophiscated, yea?

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Scattered Thoughts on CNY

Coming to an age where I am starting to get mixed feelings about CNY. This is that time when people ask me silly questions like "When are you getting married?" "When are you going to become a Mum?" It is totally jumping the gun. Does anyone even care if I have a boyfriend in the first place? Or if my current boyfriend dumped me and I am painfully single again? Or I just found a new love and the accumulation of "love experience" pretty much re-started?
Yea, I understand this are just conversation starters, though they may be uncomfortable. But I am probably somewhere near a pesky relative, poking kids and provoking pets. I totally deserve it. LOL! Video of my cousin's dog hopping around, Cute!
Hair Transplant
Now you all will know where I got my sporting and spontaneous personality from, Daddy! Hur Hur Hur~ Can't say he is a willing party. He didn't know what was going on at that time. He was resting his eyes at Grandma house and my Bro and I launched an ambush hair transplant. Tada~~~ Dad and his new stylish cut!
Grandma witnessed the whole thing and was wondering like why are the 2 of us deliriously excited. Duh, obviously up to no good la! Still relishing in this joke. Muhaha!
Ang Pao
Realised by now, I am so darn red on this CNY. Like a stuffed red ang pao to be more precise. OMG, how did I grow so bloated, but still, I believe the weighing scale numbers will be defying gravity. Going up, up and away.
Don't think I can slim down cos I eat when I am stressed and jittery. And I am in love, I am supposed to be blissfully chubby. Saw a faint rainbow on one of the days, guess it is a sign of a good year, though reality is proving to be the contrary. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Come here, Yang Meh Meh~~

So goodbye Horse Year and Yeah to Goat Year! I didn't really like my year that much cos it was supposedly a bad year for me. I guess it was rough but since I survived, things have to get better right!!!
Ended the last wee hours of Horse Year slaving around like Cinderella, yup you didn't hear wrong, I was wiping dust and re-arranging my junk! Oh my God, I didn't know that my house was a home for so much dust mites. My face even flared up while I was wiping.
Anyway the Sheep Year makes people sheepish, I had so many cute Sheep blessings that I just had to share it here. Hey, appreciate it kay, 12 years later you can use it again :P
Meh Meh Meh
This is one of the cutest one I saw. Like it cos it looks a little like "The Fault in Our Stars" Not really anything of a particular greeting, just playing around with the sound the lamb makes. My Dad and my BF are the 2 biggest Lame-Os that kept sending me such stuff. Why are the 2 most important man in my life like this?!? Exasperated. They need to grow up.
The first video I received to welcome the Year of the Goat. And dang it was the cutest, I really don't have to much rights to call others childish when I am like singing this song after I saw it. *Act Cute Totally* Hehehe. But it is cute isn't it?
Not going to write too much, cos tomorrow is a long day. I HAVE ANG PAOS TO COLLECT! ~~Toodles, unless you have red packets for me too, I am not spending more time with you readers. :P Because I love money and also my sleep time ~Hahaha~

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine Day!

Valentine Day is a day to celebrate love, apart from love between couples, it can also be love between friends etc. In fact, for me, I would think Valentine Day is more of a day where you show your appreciation to your loved ones. But, on this day, I sort of focus more on my BF. Hehehe.
Creme Simon
The night before, I even received some love from Creme Simon, which I thought was very thoughtful of them. It is always nice to be remembered. 2 full size samples of the Creme Universelle, moisturizer and Clarifiant Detox, make up remover, which were pretty handy cos my make up remover is pretty much used up. Thumbs up to them.
I really love the quote they have for us . "Be
with someone who makes you happy." Love yourself and others will love you for who you are too. :)
Love is a many Splendored Thing
Started the day early on yet another race - Love is a many Splendoured Thing. I was honestly surprised that BF was gamed for it since we are no artsy couple and it seems more of a family event. I was very very terrible at solving. I failed to get any questions right and even copied the answers he found wrongly. Oops. Sad to say, I did not contribute much to the 4th place he won us. Our rapport is really improving, the last competition we came in 6th! Proud of us!
I insisted on being the brawn of the team and carried the bagpack, which mainly consist of my heels and accessories that I was changing into anyway throughout the race. We went home with 2 tickets to Adventure Cove (very very excited for it!) and a better understanding about Singapore!
Wild Rocket
We had a lovely lunch date at Wild Rocket. He got a little confused with the booking so we missed our Valentine Day set (which was only available in the evening). Nonetheless, Wild Rocket is a vey nice quaint restaurant in Hang Out @ Mt Emily Hotel. In heels, you would probably never make it up the hill alive, so I was pretty thankful we took the cab up.
I would consider the food more of fusion. Compared to French Ladle, I found the F.L's food more homely. My favourite was the starter which I am so sorry I can't find its name. It is the salmon dish with octopus rice. And also the Wild Rocket Strawberry Cheesecake Desert. My BF found the beef lovely and really tender. 
Homemade Dinner
While everyone was rushing out for their dates in the evening, we went grocery shopping and made a nice homemade meal for ourselves. Because of the plates we could find in his house, our food didn't look as splendid. Our pasta look a bit like Hokkien Mee hor. 
We tried M&S canned food which was really delightful too. We are really themeless and even got ourselves, alright maybe more for me, a nice Sake! So that was how I spent my V-day. What about you people? :)
Happy Vday

Monday, February 9, 2015

Review: Catching Dreams with Xysta

Ever wondered how good dreams come about? According to ancient legends, dreamcatchers are spiritual tools of the Native Americans to filter the nice dreams from the the nightmares. Like a web, the nasty dreams would be tangled and trapped in the dreamcatchers and evaporate when the sun rise. Thus only, leaving only sweet , blessed dreams to those who slept underneath.
Unfortunately, not all of us are born with the skills of weaving our own dreamcatchers to let ourselves have beautiful dreams. Presenting, Xysta, a new weaver in town, here to make your nights peaceful. 
Apart from a huge array of designs, Xysta's dreamcatcher are very affordable. Depending on the size and intricacy of the designs, the price may vary. However, you will be happy to hear that customisation service is available. So even though you cannot make your own little dreamcatcher, you still can have the dreamcatcher you envision.
You can find most of Xysta's past works on her Facebook or website. Most of her designs are rather unique and is not something you can find on the streets, star-shapped, double rings, heart-shaped are some of them. Her colour combinations would be more pastel, sweet, making the dreamcatchers quite dreamy looking.
Some of them have very strong contrasting colours, making them appear to be very gay and vibrant. So depending on your personality, you might want to pick something that reflects you.
My Dreamcatcher
My lovely purple dreamcatcher was inspired from the colourful work of hers. It arrived at my house nicely bubble-wrapped and in plastic, along with a nice note. I hung it on my bedside immediately and it is a real gorgeous bedside ornament.
I think I slept better too but this could all be the psychological effects. :) If you need a bedside piece, do not hesitate to contact Xysta

Friday, February 6, 2015

My Miracle Serum - V10 Plus Serum

Envious of ladies with youthful gorgeous skin, today I will be sharing the "secret". 3 drops a day and another 3 drops at night is what it takes to bring back the supple right back to your skin. Boi~ Boi~
Colourful Serum
 So this is pretty much the rainbow colouful therapy -V10 Plus in their pretty drip bottles. :) Based on my skin condition, I was given (6!) bottles for my skin. I sound that sounds really a lot to you. But there are 10 in total, which at a point in time I felt I just might need all. So these are the few which I tested. (Ooops, now you know how bad my skin is)
♥ Vitamin-A Serum
♥ Pcynogenol Serum
♥ Placenta Serum
♥ Licorice Serum
♥ Collagen Serum
♥ Vitamin-C Serum
Consultation Sheet
 So first of all, for the helpful people at V10 Plus to know what you need, you would have to fill up this consultation form on the current state of your skin. :) This is just a print screen, the list is actually quite long but it doesn't take too much time to fill up.
Any serum scoring more than 3 means that your skin is pretty much lacking the nutrients this serum can provide. Of course, I understand some of you readers might be thinking, that's quite pricey to get all. So I suggest you can invest in those that your skin really need first and slowly build up the collection. Less heart pain :)
How To Use
Using the serum isn't rocket size, I just pour them all into my hand and massage (ok, sometimes I rub it on pretty violently, really depends on my mood) onto your face.
Most of the serum are colourless and in runny liquid form. They are also quite scentless too. The Pycnogenol serum is the sticky one but even on my skin, the serum is absorbed by my skin in no time. After dripping the holy drops on my hand, it does look like I have a tiny yolk on my hand! :)
Rub it On
 After using it for about a month, I do see visible improvement in my skin. Firstly, it is a lot more supple and radiant. Water-based, it is a very light product and easily absorbed. I don't suffer any breakouts from it. It is truly a product customised for Asian Skin type. I don't have to wear make-up and I can walk out of my house confidently. My Mum and Bro have stealthily stolen drops (that speaks a lot)
It is now my favourite serum and I will definitely continue to use it. Feeling very glad and fortunate that I have a chance to review this wonderful product. So if I do look gorgeous in my subsequent posts, you know what is going on, and you can be like me too. Don't say I didn't share *winks*
Boi  Boi
Now not only I have Baby Fats, I have Baby Skin. #Delirious. Apologetic about my selfie looking quite mad, studying is really driving me half nuts. Maybe I might need to take a break. :(

Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Swimwear: To Die For

CNY is coming! Yeah?!?
I am not really a fan of New Year really. I love the goodies :) And I do get a decent amount of ang pao(s) which I hope for to be more. But the binging and fine eating (steam boats at friends and relatives house) will makes me weight a few pounds more. I can't say I am the most confident woman on Earth such that I don't care if I grow fat.
The truth is...I do care. I don't really care about the number on that scale but I am very very worried about bulge on my tummy and the flabs appearing on all the wrong parts. :(
perfect swimwear
Today I want to talk about a topic closer to the heart - weight consciousness. Personally, I think it is long as you don't take it to the extremes. Slight dieting and exercising is actually quite acceptable to me. But most importantly, you have to be
confident comfortable with how you look. 
I always dream of flaunting my "great" body in a hell hot bikini. But I have not done it yet because there is always slight imperfections here and that (How judgmental!)  The models always look too good in them. (Just can't help comparing can I!) So today, I shall prove to you (and also myself) that girls in every size can look good.
It's all about the poses really to conceal those parts.
#1. Smelling the pits 
This is possibly the best pose for people with small/sagging boobs, flabby tummy or think thighs. Basically, you just show off your sexy back while pretending to smell your lovely pits. Anyone would look good like this. :)
#2. CPR - Cunning, Pretty Rescue-lady
You are reviving a hot guy at the beach. Come on show your CPR moves. Best of all, you hide your tummy between your arms. Best for those with a hot, perky bootie and a simply lovely side-view. What is more sexy than a lifeguard(ian angel)
#3 Viper round the waist
It is casual and lay-back. You just hang one arm around your waist like you just don't care. If you are well-endowed, this is one move you need to master!
different size
There is always this legend that you should dress according to your body size. Just in case you haven't heard of this, To Die For has a collection of swimsuits that would let you die for. Please note that I mentioned to die for and not starve for. Cos ladies, we look good in anything. (Or maybe nothing...Dirty joke that only a guy would understand)
So if you are ready to enjoy summer or just laze around the poolside, To Die For would have a nice selection for you to find something you need. 
Worried about the price, quote "xiaocai_poofie" to enjoy free worldwide shipping! For every swimwear purchased, $1 will be donated to international charity against eating disorder. Look good, Do good, Feel good!
Lastly, if you have any friends who are overly conscious about their body, do remind them how much you love them and help them get through this. Every girl is pretty in their own way. Some of our admirers are just shyer and don't display their words of affections gushing about our beauty that easily :)
** This post is not sponsored. Just wanted to share this message to raise some funds and accumulate some good karma. Thanks for your support!