Saturday, February 21, 2015

Scattered Thoughts on CNY

Coming to an age where I am starting to get mixed feelings about CNY. This is that time when people ask me silly questions like "When are you getting married?" "When are you going to become a Mum?" It is totally jumping the gun. Does anyone even care if I have a boyfriend in the first place? Or if my current boyfriend dumped me and I am painfully single again? Or I just found a new love and the accumulation of "love experience" pretty much re-started?
Yea, I understand this are just conversation starters, though they may be uncomfortable. But I am probably somewhere near a pesky relative, poking kids and provoking pets. I totally deserve it. LOL! Video of my cousin's dog hopping around, Cute!
Hair Transplant
Now you all will know where I got my sporting and spontaneous personality from, Daddy! Hur Hur Hur~ Can't say he is a willing party. He didn't know what was going on at that time. He was resting his eyes at Grandma house and my Bro and I launched an ambush hair transplant. Tada~~~ Dad and his new stylish cut!
Grandma witnessed the whole thing and was wondering like why are the 2 of us deliriously excited. Duh, obviously up to no good la! Still relishing in this joke. Muhaha!
Ang Pao
Realised by now, I am so darn red on this CNY. Like a stuffed red ang pao to be more precise. OMG, how did I grow so bloated, but still, I believe the weighing scale numbers will be defying gravity. Going up, up and away.
Don't think I can slim down cos I eat when I am stressed and jittery. And I am in love, I am supposed to be blissfully chubby. Saw a faint rainbow on one of the days, guess it is a sign of a good year, though reality is proving to be the contrary. 

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