Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Swimwear: To Die For

CNY is coming! Yeah?!?
I am not really a fan of New Year really. I love the goodies :) And I do get a decent amount of ang pao(s) which I hope for to be more. But the binging and fine eating (steam boats at friends and relatives house) will makes me weight a few pounds more. I can't say I am the most confident woman on Earth such that I don't care if I grow fat.
The truth is...I do care. I don't really care about the number on that scale but I am very very worried about bulge on my tummy and the flabs appearing on all the wrong parts. :(
perfect swimwear
Today I want to talk about a topic closer to the heart - weight consciousness. Personally, I think it is long as you don't take it to the extremes. Slight dieting and exercising is actually quite acceptable to me. But most importantly, you have to be
confident comfortable with how you look. 
I always dream of flaunting my "great" body in a hell hot bikini. But I have not done it yet because there is always slight imperfections here and that (How judgmental!)  The models always look too good in them. (Just can't help comparing can I!) So today, I shall prove to you (and also myself) that girls in every size can look good.
It's all about the poses really to conceal those parts.
#1. Smelling the pits 
This is possibly the best pose for people with small/sagging boobs, flabby tummy or think thighs. Basically, you just show off your sexy back while pretending to smell your lovely pits. Anyone would look good like this. :)
#2. CPR - Cunning, Pretty Rescue-lady
You are reviving a hot guy at the beach. Come on show your CPR moves. Best of all, you hide your tummy between your arms. Best for those with a hot, perky bootie and a simply lovely side-view. What is more sexy than a lifeguard(ian angel)
#3 Viper round the waist
It is casual and lay-back. You just hang one arm around your waist like you just don't care. If you are well-endowed, this is one move you need to master!
different size
There is always this legend that you should dress according to your body size. Just in case you haven't heard of this, To Die For has a collection of swimsuits that would let you die for. Please note that I mentioned to die for and not starve for. Cos ladies, we look good in anything. (Or maybe nothing...Dirty joke that only a guy would understand)
So if you are ready to enjoy summer or just laze around the poolside, To Die For would have a nice selection for you to find something you need. 
Worried about the price, quote "xiaocai_poofie" to enjoy free worldwide shipping! For every swimwear purchased, $1 will be donated to international charity against eating disorder. Look good, Do good, Feel good!
Lastly, if you have any friends who are overly conscious about their body, do remind them how much you love them and help them get through this. Every girl is pretty in their own way. Some of our admirers are just shyer and don't display their words of affections gushing about our beauty that easily :)
** This post is not sponsored. Just wanted to share this message to raise some funds and accumulate some good karma. Thanks for your support!

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