Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine Day!

Valentine Day is a day to celebrate love, apart from love between couples, it can also be love between friends etc. In fact, for me, I would think Valentine Day is more of a day where you show your appreciation to your loved ones. But, on this day, I sort of focus more on my BF. Hehehe.
Creme Simon
The night before, I even received some love from Creme Simon, which I thought was very thoughtful of them. It is always nice to be remembered. 2 full size samples of the Creme Universelle, moisturizer and Clarifiant Detox, make up remover, which were pretty handy cos my make up remover is pretty much used up. Thumbs up to them.
I really love the quote they have for us . "Be
with someone who makes you happy." Love yourself and others will love you for who you are too. :)
Love is a many Splendored Thing
Started the day early on yet another race - Love is a many Splendoured Thing. I was honestly surprised that BF was gamed for it since we are no artsy couple and it seems more of a family event. I was very very terrible at solving. I failed to get any questions right and even copied the answers he found wrongly. Oops. Sad to say, I did not contribute much to the 4th place he won us. Our rapport is really improving, the last competition we came in 6th! Proud of us!
I insisted on being the brawn of the team and carried the bagpack, which mainly consist of my heels and accessories that I was changing into anyway throughout the race. We went home with 2 tickets to Adventure Cove (very very excited for it!) and a better understanding about Singapore!
Wild Rocket
We had a lovely lunch date at Wild Rocket. He got a little confused with the booking so we missed our Valentine Day set (which was only available in the evening). Nonetheless, Wild Rocket is a vey nice quaint restaurant in Hang Out @ Mt Emily Hotel. In heels, you would probably never make it up the hill alive, so I was pretty thankful we took the cab up.
I would consider the food more of fusion. Compared to French Ladle, I found the F.L's food more homely. My favourite was the starter which I am so sorry I can't find its name. It is the salmon dish with octopus rice. And also the Wild Rocket Strawberry Cheesecake Desert. My BF found the beef lovely and really tender. 
Homemade Dinner
While everyone was rushing out for their dates in the evening, we went grocery shopping and made a nice homemade meal for ourselves. Because of the plates we could find in his house, our food didn't look as splendid. Our pasta look a bit like Hokkien Mee hor. 
We tried M&S canned food which was really delightful too. We are really themeless and even got ourselves, alright maybe more for me, a nice Sake! So that was how I spent my V-day. What about you people? :)
Happy Vday

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