Thursday, February 19, 2015

Come here, Yang Meh Meh~~

So goodbye Horse Year and Yeah to Goat Year! I didn't really like my year that much cos it was supposedly a bad year for me. I guess it was rough but since I survived, things have to get better right!!!
Ended the last wee hours of Horse Year slaving around like Cinderella, yup you didn't hear wrong, I was wiping dust and re-arranging my junk! Oh my God, I didn't know that my house was a home for so much dust mites. My face even flared up while I was wiping.
Anyway the Sheep Year makes people sheepish, I had so many cute Sheep blessings that I just had to share it here. Hey, appreciate it kay, 12 years later you can use it again :P
Meh Meh Meh
This is one of the cutest one I saw. Like it cos it looks a little like "The Fault in Our Stars" Not really anything of a particular greeting, just playing around with the sound the lamb makes. My Dad and my BF are the 2 biggest Lame-Os that kept sending me such stuff. Why are the 2 most important man in my life like this?!? Exasperated. They need to grow up.
The first video I received to welcome the Year of the Goat. And dang it was the cutest, I really don't have to much rights to call others childish when I am like singing this song after I saw it. *Act Cute Totally* Hehehe. But it is cute isn't it?
Not going to write too much, cos tomorrow is a long day. I HAVE ANG PAOS TO COLLECT! ~~Toodles, unless you have red packets for me too, I am not spending more time with you readers. :P Because I love money and also my sleep time ~Hahaha~

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