Monday, March 2, 2015

Pretty Little Things Part 8

Hey people, pushing this forward again cos it is a popular segment. :P I usually do find a lot of nice sites and well, when I really do not have much of a content, this usually fills up the gap. :P Muhahaha
Shimmery nails always kinda seem tacky if you can't really design it well. But if you like the tiny flakes of blings, then you will like Shimmer Polish. Sorry, if you aren't from the U.S, cos International Shipping is expensive and makes it not very worth it. Do try out their polishes if you are from the U.S and tell me how it is like. 
And they have a web with some really fancy designs instead of just simply painting it on. That is way too bleh in my opinion. What do you think?
I have never talked about bags so this time round, I am not giving it a miss. Nod nod nod. You will be excited with this place cos they have really cute arm swags with very reasonable prices. 
Sometimes the design of the bag will just indicate how cheap you bought it for and I positively, absolutely hate that. Cos all of us wanna look classy right? We don't want to look cheap. We just want to buy cheap. So don't give Chavenue a miss cos their stuff though not a hugh variety is a really nice collection.
With a good bag, you would need great clothes as well. I would like to introduce you all to this brand - Storets. They have the prettiest fashion I have ever seen. The clothes are so chic. And the design is super snazzy. Never have I seen such designs in Singapore.
In comparison, some of the prices may be a bit steep. But for work clothes, you would probably have to pay something around there too even in Singapore for decent cutting. It is not loud yet it is very appealing. Super loving them. Do check them out if you share my fashion taste.
We have come to the end again. But fail not, there will be another segment real soon. Quarters do pass fast!

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