Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wheel you marry me?

Oh well, just love the pun. So good isn't it?
So does it mean I am ready to make the commitment soon? I am unsure. I want a house but I don't really want a husband. To have and to hold - To have a house and hold the house keys. LOL! So super unromantic, can't really help but shake head at myself.
VolkswagenA wedding pop-by organised by Material World and Volkswagen Singapore, all the Volkswagen cars at the showroom were gaily decorated by gorgeous flowers. I happily snapped photos of the cars, while my boyfriend took photos of the car's specifications and price. I am presuming he is going to get me a car since he can't drive :P
Apart from featuring Volkswagen, there were also 10 other brands and services for you to better understand what you could need for a wedding. And I concluded - there are so many things to do. Wedding planner maybe?
Wines, flowers, photography, videography and even wedding gowns and shoes, thinking of the things I had to prepare, I don't even want to get married...Geez. I think what was most unexpected was that they even had a fashion show. Took some shots of those gowns I like. It seems I am into white and simple, elegant design. One of the models tripped and I quickly decided, I didn't like the dress too long. Don't really want to trip on the wedding day do I?
We also went to sample some wine. We preferred the light dessert wine, but we heard stories about how the guests would drink more. The wine that we personally liked was so good that during the last wedding, it ran out at the 4th dish. BF quickly ruled out this wine for our wedding. He say would bleed us dry, LOL!
The food provided there, sponsored by Revada was really good. It did set me thinking whether having a banquet was necessary. Cos hosting it at a hotel was really expensive ($1,500 a table, min. 25 tables) OMG! If the food was that good, I don't really mind catering.
But as we all know, marriage is not just about the couple, it is also for the parents and relatives, basically a show put on for everyone. And maybe a few years later, maybe I might change, I would have status and a "face" to protect. I may need the fanciest and grandest wedding to live truly "happily ever after"!
Ending off with a photo we took behind a backdrop of red roses. Edited it to look like a black and white montage while once again viciously blocking the BF's face with a huge red heart. That's for looking annoyingly cuter than me. Hmph.
To love and to hold? More like to bully and torture. Lol, so long next time. I might be doing more research on weddings, gaining inspiration while exploring the possibilities. So, planning way ahead and super early, let me create a wedding series for now :)

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