Thursday, April 30, 2015

Handicraft Time with Let Moo Fly

 Mr Beary Pink
I am sure you noticed my cute little friend on my Instagram. Yup, his name is Mr Beary Pink. He is in delightful pastel pink and is lovingly born from the nimble fingers of Angela from Let Moo Fly.

The moment I laid my hands on Mr Beary Pink who has a tubby little tummy. I was full of oohs and ahhhs. Angela's workmanship is impressive. She brought my bedtime friend to life. Young or old, I am sure you will love the friends and family of Mr Beary Pink. We are very fortunate because Angela is kind enough to show us the photos how Mr Beary Pink is being brought to life.
#1 to #4
#1 Preparation
#2 Start with the nose
#3 Photo of the completed nose
#4 Continue to knit the face from the nose
#5 to #8
#5 Front view of the face
#6 Back of the head
#7 View of the whole head
#8 Knit the ears
#9 to #12
#9 Prepare 4 pieces of the ears
#10 Making of the body
#11 Body in process 1
#12 Body in process 2
#13 to #16
#13 Body in Process 3
#14 Body Completed!
#15 Complete all the parts required
#16 Stuff the head and ears
#17 to #20
#17 Stuff the body and legs
#18 Stuff and sew the arms
#19 Combine the head
#20 Prepare the nose
#21 to #22
#21 Sew the nose
#22 Ready to tumble to his new home

Mr Beary Pink took 1 day before he could wobble and tumble around. The photos look effortless but for a knitting nut like me, I can try a lifetime and maybe end up with bundles of tangled knots. For those who are interested to know more about Angela, she is an easy-going working mother who not only does knitting but crocheting, felting and other forms of crafting. To know more about her work, I would strongly suggest you follow her on Facebook.  
Cuter Than Me
And for any of you looking for unique gifts for your loved ones, I do suggest a visit at her Carousell shop here. Mother's Day is coming soon too, perhaps you would find something lovely there.

And lastly, I hope you love the crafts we share today. Till next time~ Meanwhile, I shall berate Mr Beary Pink endearingly for being cuter than me!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Lithpix: Magic under Light

Presenting to you the coolest thing ever! This is totally magic. After I posted it on Instagram, my friends started asking me about it. Well, I am the kid with the funkiest toys in town. :P Box of Cool
So this thing came in really simple box. Every magic has humble beginnings doesn't it. My heart skipped a beat as my fingers fumbled with the box. Ground-breaking technology, I have seen my friend posted tons of her 3D printing projects on her Instagram. But mine...was way cooler.
And the instructions for processing it was easy. I just had to send a picture, insert caption if any. Select the shape (circle/square or rectangle) I picked the circle and square, just to review if there were any rough cuts on the round and sharp edges. Lastly, you just have to decide whether you wanted a key hole to make it a keychain.
I saw this and I was like "Huh" It wasn't supposed to look like this. I bit my lip. My heart sank a little. And when I am confused, I inspect everything under the sunlight. I did that to the lithpix too.
Then...I saw magic!
Tada, it is so impressive isn't it? Yup, this is the first time I am putting the BF's photo up cos it seems to defeat the purpose to show you the sharpness of the lithpix.
So, what is a lithpix? The lithpix is an engraved art piece made by printing layers after layers on top of each other. The thickness of each layer would depend on the colours of the picture and also the processing. Each layer (as thin as 1mm) act as filter for lights. So when light is passed though, the magic begins and the image can be seen.
Also, you could also make a nametag keychain which you can customise youself using MS paint or any picture editing tool. Currently, only white is available but I believe in time, any rainbow is possible. At Persona 3D Studios, all pictures and orders are processed in an image editing software to optimize printing quality. The edited picture are then sent to the 3D modelling machine to be materialised!
Revolutionary, isn't it? Considering Mother's Day and Father's Day is coming, this would make a very eye-popping gift and it is not going to burn a hole in your pocket! I am pretty sure most of you are quite intrigued by it already. Get one youself too. *Wink* Click on the link here. :)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Review: Nailing it with Depend GeLlack!

Talons for Korea. Woots. Okay, you may think the polish is not well spread. Haha. Cos I am the manicurist. *Blush* And I am still a novice. So it doesn't look at good. But...I super duper love Depend GeLlack Obligatory Start Kit. It is like a must-have for every girl. The nails didn't come out perfect but it looked so much better than all my self-painted manicures I did for myself!
It is so-so-so easy to use! There is no need to file your nails, so you don't have to worry about your natural nails being damaged. I did it within less than an hour! All I can say is "I am so proud of them!" I promptly showed them to all my friends. Hahaha!
Obligatory Start Kit
This was the obligatory start kit (S$99) which I used to test out the products. The GelLack Obligatory Start Kit includes a before/after cleanser, base coat, top coat, an orange stick and a nail file. My 2 bottle of polishes were Desert Sand and Gold Night Glitter. Each GelLack Colour retails at S$13.50 each, cheaper than OPI.
They have have a special remover, the Depend GelLack Removal Oil (S$ 6.90) each. Instead of using the traditional removal methods typically include a nail wrap and a soak-off with pure acetone, which is drying to nails and skin, you just have to rub the moisturizing GelLack Removal Oil onto the nails.
After that , soak the nails in warm water (40°C) for a few minutes. The gel nail can then be easily removed with an orange stick, with no damage done to the nail surface due to buffing. And so your nails can actually stay thick and healthy.

I haven't exactly tested out the removal (come on, I just painted them on! :( ) But I saw some videos online, and honestly, it seemed manageable. Sorry, the video is in Cantonese. Will update my views once I remove them.
1 to 5
With GeLlack, you can know have fuss-free gelish nails in the comfort within your own home within 5 simple steps. These nails are supposed to last for 2-3 weeks.
Step 1: Apply Depend GelLack Before/After Cleanser on a cotton wool ball and clean your nails carefully. Allow the nails to dry for about 30 seconds.
Step 2: Apply a thin layer of Depend GelLack BASE. Harden for 30 seconds under the LED lamp.
Step 3: Apply a thin coat of Depend GelLack colour. Harden for 30 seconds under the LED lamp. Apply another thin layer of Depend GelLack colour and harden for 30 seconds under the LED lamp.
Step 4: Apply a thin layer of Depend GelLack TOP and harden for 30 seconds under the LED lamp.
Step 5: Now the surface of the nail will still be slightly sticky. Apply Depend GelLack Before/After Cleanser on a cotton wool ball and clean the top finish to bring out the gorgeous sheen of your new nails! 
Nail Salon
Check out my manicure table :P When I tried it out, the stickiness was there even after I cleaned with the Cleanser. I had a short nap and voila, when I woke up, no more stickiness. The polish as a whole viscosity was good. 
For those who has never heard of Depend, it is the number 1 best-selling cosmetic brand in Sweden. This DIY GeLlack system just launched in Singapore and is super popular in Europe. That is not unexpected considering it is a very inexpensive way for ladies like us to achieve salon nails.
Contorted Fingers
The only difficulty you may face is probably trying to put as many nails as you can under the LED light. If you contort your nails like mine, you can do 4 at a go. There is no way I could stuff my thumb in. Hahaha. It looks uncomfortable but it is not. Doing this just made me realise how inflexible my middle finger was. I had to force her to bend. :P
There may be some stinging, hot feeling when you first placed the fingers under the LED light. But that is quite normal. For me, not all my fingers experienced it. Either that, or I got used to it.
For those who are worried about the possible lack of variety (since it is called Gel-Lack, Haha), The GelLack Colour has a good range providing up to 30 beautiful shades. One thing I noticed was the smell of the polish. It was a lot stronger than the normal polish stench we are used to. But after a while, it is not that bad.
Overall, I think it is a very good investment. After you purchase the obligatory kit, everything else like the polishes are very affordable. So now with less than, S$200, you can practice to become a manicurist. I am now looking for Guinea pigs, hit me up if you are in for it. Or drop by Watsons, if you want to be your own manicurist instead!

7 days

** Update: Nails after 7 days. Still looking Fab!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thank You for your Support!

To those who voted, thank you so much. My instagram won the first ever CleoBuzz Contest. This is the first ever contest I won since I started out on Instagram at the bugging of my friends (those who use it). I have a whole bunch of friends who don't use it. So it is kinda of sad, my account. Don't really have as much things to scroll down to.
It seems that when we grow up, we update our social media less. Maybe we are all bogged down by work. :( 
But sad stuff aside, I am still glad with my win. "Out with XiaXue, In with YoungYawn" Was jokingly telling my BF perhaps I should be the next XiaXue and be a professional instragrammer and housewife. He was like "You don't even have that many followers. Win then say" :(
Win liao, he also say, but "you no followers. Be what Instagrammer!" Maybe I guess I should focus on my blog instead. But to those who are interested in following, I have modified my blog layout and you can find my instagram @Youngyawn on the left. There is not much reviews there, just very random captions and quite a lot of food photos! Hehe. It is quite "What the Hell!" So, if you like things that make you go o.O, my Instagram should be to your liking!
Mt Sapola
So this is the cute Mount Sapola bear I won! Super cute. Really wanted to try out their aromatherapy, so hehe, now I get to try them along with the adorable bear! So darn happy. I got a whole truckload of samples as well. My favourite being the shampoo cos our house bottle just finished!
Never tried sunsilk before, but it quite a household brand. Will probably write more about it once I try them out. :) Once again, thank you all for voting for me. My 含蓄 (shy) followers who are nonetheless very supportive when I am shortlisted for something. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Free Samples with Bunny: Sample Store Part 3

Sorry, but today Bunny is not in the mood. So, unfortunately, there is no bunny to introduce you the "coolbies" at Sample Store. But fret not, you still have me *inserts dopey smile*.
Taste Great
So finally, I have redeemed my free samples :) It has been quite a long time since I last did that cos the "free" samples weren't really up to my liking. And I usually only redeem samples when I have a trip coming up. So does that mean ForFunk is going on a trip...*drum roll* YES YES YES!
So do stay tune to find out more. There are still a lot of collabs and negotiations in progress. Quality content as I would like to put it :) Would really love to do a giveaway too, but I am really busy now. So let's put that on hold first ok!
Sample Store
So these are some of the samples up and available this time round!
1. Darlie Expert Fresh Toothpaste - Good for the trip cos it is travel size. Hurray! It is practical too. So I would really encourage you all to redeem this.
2. Cure Natural Aqua Gel - Heard a lot of good things about this so decided to try it out. It really does scrub out the "dead skin". Gel is supposedly better for the face but most of us are still pretty use to the scrub cos there is more "cleaning feeling"?!? I am ok with both, so probably would alternate between a gel and a scrub. You too, can try this product out.
3. Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil - This is one product that can fight with V10 plus. I would consider buying it, but first I have to finish my V10 plus. It is a good alternate product for V10 Plus if you are like, always changing between 2 products so that your face won't get immune to a certain one.
4.Comfort Aromatherapy - Redeeming this for my mum since we use that at home anyway. Hahaha. Checking out 4 is always more economical than checking out 1.
So that's all I have this time round. You can click on this link to create an account to start redeeming products. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

LinenMe: Fashion Show with Elle and Muji

It was after my exam so I was feeling eager to relax. And what's better than attending a fashion Show. Thank you Elle for the invites!
Linen MeI am pretty sure most of you are familiar with the brand Muji, especially for their stationary. It is really something my friends dig cos they are affordable and of great quality. But for me I love their furnitures and beddings best. God knows why. But they always gave me the feeling of my idea house - comfortable yet chic.
I do know that they do sell fashion apparels. But usually, I am too busy checking the prices of the bedding and drooling over their collection of food. But after seeing some of their Linen fashion products, I did see a few pieces that caught my eye! :)
Fashion Parade
Generally, linen fashion used to be really "in" in the past. Kinda of glad it is back in fashion cos linen is soft and airy. It is really suitable for our weather and it allows us to layer which we can't really do that with many other materials. Personally, I feel linen is more of causal than professional so I don't find it particularly suited for work since it creases easily.
During the fashion workshop segment, the coordinator was telling us how easy it was to pull off such fashion. I do have some doubts HAHA! Cos I am not tall and twig legs. Sigh and I do think there is a high chance I would look like a frumpy housewife with my stubby legs. My BF was like -.- when I commented he must not have met me when the coordinator remarked "Nobody could go wrong with these!"
But I did like their cover-ups and some of their dresses, even trudge a piece home, like what! Honestly, I am not much of a plain fashion lady so perhaps this style doesn't resonate that well with me. 
And my favourite shot of the day. Love this model a lot cos she was really smiley. The rest of the models just made me felt they weren't paid enough for the show. But overall, it was still a very exciting experience cos usually my BF can't last through any fashion show. So yea to the full experience!
Who stole my dumping
Haha, ending off with proof that stupid BF stole my Xiao Long Bao. Sad :(

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Help to Vote! :)

Hey people,
feeling rather gleeful. My photo has been shortlisted for #cleobuzz photo of the week. First time my photo on my personal instagram has been acknowledged! Please help vote for my comfort food!
Vote For Me
Mine is the first photo @YOUNGYAWN. Don't vote wrongly k! And for those who are looking for people to follow on Instagram, you may follow me at my personal account @youngyawn too! No promise I will follow back :P
The link is here. You need to sign up for an account to vote though but there are lots of contests so it is pretty worth to sign up! Okay, going back to study! Please vote ok, my BF says if I win I can be a professional instagrammer, LOL!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Under the Sea @ Tioman 3D2N

Yeah, people! I went to Tioman. Yup, one week before my exams and I am out whattttt. But it was a great trip with my uni buddies. We had a lot of quality time bitching and gossiping since Wifi pretty much was non-existent there. Bleh.
When you first step into Tioman island, you would be impress with its blu-ish green, clear waters and foggy mountains. This island doesn't have much of a night life. Neither does it have much night activities to do. So it was pretty much drinking with friends and do remember to bring card games! I am now pretty obsessed with Monopoly Deal! Hahaha!
Tioman Kampung
I stayed at Paya Beach Resort and the place was average at best I guess. Outside the resort was a row (as shown in collage) of houses selling food and snacks. There was a karaoke house too. Tempted to test it out but didn't cos all it had was English and Malay songs. The day was pretty warm when we checked in and the chalet room was just pure a steam bath. But as it cooled down, it was alright.
The first day was more of an aimless tour for us. We caught sight of the "Si Jiao She" Looks like a baby crocodile to me. The day ended off with someone releasing fireworks into the night! Haha, then it was drinking time. Sea sports was saved for the next day.
The activities centre don't open that early. So if you are early birds like us, you can frolic in the water first or build sandcastles, bury people etc :) Kayaking was around RM7 per pax per hour so that was like really cheap. 
Had to admit having bulging biceps wasn't our main priority since we had a bride-to-be among us. After making sure we had decent photos to post on our social media, we just paddled furiously into the shade, grounded our kayak on the rocks and just rolled around. LOL! I literally had a photo of me rolling about in my kayak but that was too embarrassing to be posted here.
Found Love
And I fell in love there. Nope, I didn't cheated on my BF. My heart was just stolen by the sea and its beauty. And this photo is taken for my BF to tell him how much I miss him as I desperately grab hold of Wifi to make sure he isn't fooling around...LOL!
It was so darn gorgeous when we went out to snorkel in the rough seas!!! There were fishes swimming around me. I was so excited I swallowed some water which never happened when we first went out to try by the beach side.
Please do remember to bring small pieces of bread because this is really how you lure the fishes out. After feeding time, sad to say, these fishes would go into hiding. :( I managed to touch a fish or 2 there and had a fish nibbling my finger for a second and that totally freaked me out and I dropped my bread :(
But the corals are pretty much dead, all you see are endless dreary gray, so that's kinda of a bummer. But it is still very pretty and you would leave with awe and maybe like me, you want to snorkel to at other parts of the world. Maybe soon, ForFunk will progress to be a snorkeling blog. Hahaha.
For those interested in the food at Tioman is definitely nothing fancy but it is very cheap because of our strong exchange rate. The food wasn't exorbitantly priced. Their target was more of Malaysians on holiday. So their rates was just slightly above normal. We paid like S$250 with all meals included. So for the meal and the rooms, we were just disappointed. 
Overall, I would say it was a much needed break. Was feeling really burn out. The companionship was awesome. Can't wait for the next time we gather and have fun! Last collage to sum up our feelings! Now, back to reality :(
Hello Bye