Sunday, April 5, 2015

Under the Sea @ Tioman 3D2N

Yeah, people! I went to Tioman. Yup, one week before my exams and I am out whattttt. But it was a great trip with my uni buddies. We had a lot of quality time bitching and gossiping since Wifi pretty much was non-existent there. Bleh.
When you first step into Tioman island, you would be impress with its blu-ish green, clear waters and foggy mountains. This island doesn't have much of a night life. Neither does it have much night activities to do. So it was pretty much drinking with friends and do remember to bring card games! I am now pretty obsessed with Monopoly Deal! Hahaha!
Tioman Kampung
I stayed at Paya Beach Resort and the place was average at best I guess. Outside the resort was a row (as shown in collage) of houses selling food and snacks. There was a karaoke house too. Tempted to test it out but didn't cos all it had was English and Malay songs. The day was pretty warm when we checked in and the chalet room was just pure a steam bath. But as it cooled down, it was alright.
The first day was more of an aimless tour for us. We caught sight of the "Si Jiao She" Looks like a baby crocodile to me. The day ended off with someone releasing fireworks into the night! Haha, then it was drinking time. Sea sports was saved for the next day.
The activities centre don't open that early. So if you are early birds like us, you can frolic in the water first or build sandcastles, bury people etc :) Kayaking was around RM7 per pax per hour so that was like really cheap. 
Had to admit having bulging biceps wasn't our main priority since we had a bride-to-be among us. After making sure we had decent photos to post on our social media, we just paddled furiously into the shade, grounded our kayak on the rocks and just rolled around. LOL! I literally had a photo of me rolling about in my kayak but that was too embarrassing to be posted here.
Found Love
And I fell in love there. Nope, I didn't cheated on my BF. My heart was just stolen by the sea and its beauty. And this photo is taken for my BF to tell him how much I miss him as I desperately grab hold of Wifi to make sure he isn't fooling around...LOL!
It was so darn gorgeous when we went out to snorkel in the rough seas!!! There were fishes swimming around me. I was so excited I swallowed some water which never happened when we first went out to try by the beach side.
Please do remember to bring small pieces of bread because this is really how you lure the fishes out. After feeding time, sad to say, these fishes would go into hiding. :( I managed to touch a fish or 2 there and had a fish nibbling my finger for a second and that totally freaked me out and I dropped my bread :(
But the corals are pretty much dead, all you see are endless dreary gray, so that's kinda of a bummer. But it is still very pretty and you would leave with awe and maybe like me, you want to snorkel to at other parts of the world. Maybe soon, ForFunk will progress to be a snorkeling blog. Hahaha.
For those interested in the food at Tioman is definitely nothing fancy but it is very cheap because of our strong exchange rate. The food wasn't exorbitantly priced. Their target was more of Malaysians on holiday. So their rates was just slightly above normal. We paid like S$250 with all meals included. So for the meal and the rooms, we were just disappointed. 
Overall, I would say it was a much needed break. Was feeling really burn out. The companionship was awesome. Can't wait for the next time we gather and have fun! Last collage to sum up our feelings! Now, back to reality :(
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