Thursday, April 30, 2015

Handicraft Time with Let Moo Fly

 Mr Beary Pink
I am sure you noticed my cute little friend on my Instagram. Yup, his name is Mr Beary Pink. He is in delightful pastel pink and is lovingly born from the nimble fingers of Angela from Let Moo Fly.

The moment I laid my hands on Mr Beary Pink who has a tubby little tummy. I was full of oohs and ahhhs. Angela's workmanship is impressive. She brought my bedtime friend to life. Young or old, I am sure you will love the friends and family of Mr Beary Pink. We are very fortunate because Angela is kind enough to show us the photos how Mr Beary Pink is being brought to life.
#1 to #4
#1 Preparation
#2 Start with the nose
#3 Photo of the completed nose
#4 Continue to knit the face from the nose
#5 to #8
#5 Front view of the face
#6 Back of the head
#7 View of the whole head
#8 Knit the ears
#9 to #12
#9 Prepare 4 pieces of the ears
#10 Making of the body
#11 Body in process 1
#12 Body in process 2
#13 to #16
#13 Body in Process 3
#14 Body Completed!
#15 Complete all the parts required
#16 Stuff the head and ears
#17 to #20
#17 Stuff the body and legs
#18 Stuff and sew the arms
#19 Combine the head
#20 Prepare the nose
#21 to #22
#21 Sew the nose
#22 Ready to tumble to his new home

Mr Beary Pink took 1 day before he could wobble and tumble around. The photos look effortless but for a knitting nut like me, I can try a lifetime and maybe end up with bundles of tangled knots. For those who are interested to know more about Angela, she is an easy-going working mother who not only does knitting but crocheting, felting and other forms of crafting. To know more about her work, I would strongly suggest you follow her on Facebook.  
Cuter Than Me
And for any of you looking for unique gifts for your loved ones, I do suggest a visit at her Carousell shop here. Mother's Day is coming soon too, perhaps you would find something lovely there.

And lastly, I hope you love the crafts we share today. Till next time~ Meanwhile, I shall berate Mr Beary Pink endearingly for being cuter than me!

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