Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thank You for your Support!

To those who voted, thank you so much. My instagram won the first ever CleoBuzz Contest. This is the first ever contest I won since I started out on Instagram at the bugging of my friends (those who use it). I have a whole bunch of friends who don't use it. So it is kinda of sad, my account. Don't really have as much things to scroll down to.
It seems that when we grow up, we update our social media less. Maybe we are all bogged down by work. :( 
But sad stuff aside, I am still glad with my win. "Out with XiaXue, In with YoungYawn" Was jokingly telling my BF perhaps I should be the next XiaXue and be a professional instragrammer and housewife. He was like "You don't even have that many followers. Win then say" :(
Win liao, he also say, but "you no followers. Be what Instagrammer!" Maybe I guess I should focus on my blog instead. But to those who are interested in following, I have modified my blog layout and you can find my instagram @Youngyawn on the left. There is not much reviews there, just very random captions and quite a lot of food photos! Hehe. It is quite "What the Hell!" So, if you like things that make you go o.O, my Instagram should be to your liking!
Mt Sapola
So this is the cute Mount Sapola bear I won! Super cute. Really wanted to try out their aromatherapy, so hehe, now I get to try them along with the adorable bear! So darn happy. I got a whole truckload of samples as well. My favourite being the shampoo cos our house bottle just finished!
Never tried sunsilk before, but it quite a household brand. Will probably write more about it once I try them out. :) Once again, thank you all for voting for me. My 含蓄 (shy) followers who are nonetheless very supportive when I am shortlisted for something. 

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