Sunday, May 17, 2015

Da Vinci: Undoubted a talent

I am so sorry, but by the time you see this post, the whole event is over. I know you are possibly hating me right now. But in my defense, I was keen but not intending to go for it cos I am a moody little skank.
But I went in the end on the last day due to some edging from my friend and because well, since it is the last day, it is free. :)
Da Vinci
It was teeming with so many people, it was actually quite impossible to take any photos. The exhibition as a whole I would say is quite interesting and actually spark my interest in the arts. Did you know how much thought was put to conceiving "The Last Supper"? 
Da Vinci is probably known for his art work, but you would be surprised at how all-rounded he is. He is an inventor, musician, architect etc. I think he is a very observant man, a little obsessed on Tessellation. For his art, do take special notice of the motifs and you would realise how intricate they are (usually consist of repeating shapes)
These are some of the photos I managed to snap there. It is unfortunate that me being really shallow had difficulty understanding some of the Art. I just people taking photo and I did the same. -.- After that, I asked my friend who was doing the exact same thing, so what is so fascinating about this art, and she couldn't give me a satisfactory answer.
Sorry, but no photography was allowed for the Codex Atlanticus, da Vinci’s largest notebook. I thought the giant crystals of the virus was pretty fascinating. They are quite pretty right, until they infect you Lol!
Da Vinci Quotes
A good joke never dies. Sharing this here with you guys too. Whatsapp the BF the first quote and told him to re-name himself "Experience" for the sake of a wise daughter. Walked a few more steps down the exhibition and realize dang Experience is a lady. Guess the joke is on myself. :(
The photos are not edited :) Yes, that's how good the lighting there is. In fact, I do think that the Art Science Museum is quite a family friendly place with lots of activities for the kids. Of course, I am too mature to fight with the kids this time round.
Itacho Sushi
Ending off with half of our dinner at Itacho Sushi, the cheap and good place that serve excellent Japanese food. Got sick of waiting for everything to be served and so we took a photo and quickly dig in. The discounted items was unfortunately OUT OF STOCK!!! Guess my luck ran out.
After all bitching, I am back into the game and ready to take on the Monday Blues by the horns. Sometimes, when we are grouchy we just want to hide in our comfort cave. But actually sometimes all we need is a good tight reality slap from our closest friends :)

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