Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sweet as Honey like Mummy

To all mothers out there, 
Happy Mother's Day!
My family usually don't celebrate on the actual day cos we would go to grandma's house. Unfortunately, grandma caught a bad sore throat like me :( So, this year, we will be shaking legs at home. Will only go out for a celebration when Little Bro is back.
Got this set of shampoo/shower gel & bubble bath with body lotion (Homemade Honey Buns) from Philosophy. Gave them to Mum cos I am as sweet as honey. And gosh, it smells damn heavenly, good enough to be eaten. *smack lips*
But I will let my Mum use it first because I am a good daughter, alright. Plus it is Mother's Day today!!! Woohoo. 3-in-1, I am excited to bring it for a staycation and do a nice bubble bath, once Mum gets sick of her own present :P

Shall end off with a dubstep I did when stuck in Jeju airport. Entertaining all mothers today. Yup, keep that dopey smile on your face! 

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