Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Funky Find: Am I 55 years old already?

By now I am sure many of you have already heard of this viral website created by Microsoft. Now ladies, beware, you can no longer hide your age. (Really?!?)
Neh, I am kidding. You can still deceive the algorithm I am sure. With neutral make-up, most woman can look 10 years younger. I am sure if we use digitally altered photos, the effect would be even more amazing.
I am so sorry I shared with you so late on this fun app. Tried it on my way to the airport with various photos. My BF is certainly older than me. Now, we don't have to argue on that anymore. He had a consistent 24 years old if I am not wrong. Most of my photos show a good 20 (50%), none in my teenage. :( My guy friend managed to find a recent photo that showed him as a tender 18. The average age of his other photo was 35, how demoralizing, he is only 27. :P
Well nobody should be as upset as me. It seems I am 55 years old already. (One photo has accidentally reveal my true vampire age!) Did they think the hot dog bun in my mouth was the wrinkles? Lol. Kind of pitiful, I am already an aunty!
How Old
For those who want to try it out, click on the link here. Of course you could always manipulate the results by insisting on putting younger photos! Most people say I look young for my age. But maybe the late nights are taking a toll on my youth. Bleh.
But before you try it out for yourself, read this article here first. Apparently you may lose your rights to your photos! I guess the key is, does it matter?!? For me, I doubt no one is going to use 55 years old for an advert. Or will they? Microsoft claims they don't save your photos though. I have presented you both side of the coin. The choice is yours. :)

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