Sunday, May 31, 2015

Family Outing: Hot Park + Jurassic Park

LKC Musem
Woa woa woa, dinosaurs on the loose. Roar. Lately, Dad has been very into family outings and stuff so I am looking like a real art fart, going around to museums and latest hangouts. By the way, this was taken at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.
The biggest highlight had to be the dinosaurs, no doubt. My mouth was like agape when I first lay my eyes on it. The BF was like telling me, come on those are just replicas. He just spoils the magic every time. Geez. *Disappointed* But if you are looking for some intellectual stimulation, I think this museum is not for you. The knowledge are pretty elementary. Suited for families with kids. Big kids like me is more of a bleh.
Lee Kong Chian
And the most shocking news probably is this museum isn't free, unlike the others in Singapore. And it cost a whooping SGD16 bucks for adults and SGD9 bucks for students. Are the dinosaurs even worth that much?!? I mean there are photo worthy spots there. My cam-whore brother took many photos as I was fervently sponging in the knowledge there.
We went with the RC so it was a lot cheaper but we only had less than 2 hours there. I didn't even finish the whole exhibition. Was spending a good deal of time reading about insects and LOL-ing how male spiders risk their life and avoid being mistaken as food while offering their ball of sperms of the female and also about how earwigs are the most maternal insects cos the even clean their offsprings to avoid bacterial infection. 
The BF was mocking me saying that I seemingly seems very interested in the insects but would probably freak out if one flew in right now. I retorted if we were spiders, I would have either munched him up or wait- throw his ball of sperms at him first before swallowing him up, so he will offspring-less. Hur-hur-hur. Just because his birthday is coming doesn't mean I have to put up with his sarcarsm and bad humour, although mine isn't much better.
And there was some eh...light-effects show which was pretty boring. Left halfway to read on collection of specimen so you pretty much can pretty much guess how *eye-rolling* that was. 
Hort ParkBefore we went to the LKC museum, we actually visited HortPark. Honestly, the weather was so ungodly that it should really be named Hot Park instead. The park has seriously gone downhill since I last went. Not worth sweating for. I ended up lazing around in the air-con room. And as my luck would have it, I met the BF's BFF there with his girlfriend.
Zzz...and my BF sort of led them to see me through a glass panel as I was rolling around in the room, lying on a rattan chair. And we sort of waved. Bet that is how a polar bear in the zoo feels. Only they didn't knock at the glass. I think what is really the worse was - it is our first meeting. Talk about leaving good first impression eh. I bet they are going to remember me as the one that was aircon-tanning. :( I hope the BF have to OT for his bday. Revenge is a dish best serve cold!

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