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mySKINBAR: ASAP Solutions

Closed up
So this was how I look like, without make-up, bare face and all...If you have been following my Korea journey and would like to get the same skin texture (I am not going to say good skin here because the definition of that really depends on the individual herself), today I would share with you a little more on the cleansing product that I was using there.
Sample Kit
Before I flew to Korea, I actually dropped by mySKINBAR to know a little more about the causes of Acne and their products. I am quite fortunate I don't have Acne even though I do have occasional outbreaks especially when I am stressed. But do you know that it is actually not stress that cause those pimples but the resulting hormonal changes which "instigates" our oil glands to secrete more oil, which is the food for the Acne bacteria. And so this is how our face becomes a breeding ground.
Despite being relatively young, mySKINBAR has a good track records of customers with satisfactory results. I was given the sample starter set to put their products to the test. Just nice, the sample set (Inception Sling "Moisturizing Foam Gel", Beyond Control "Toner Sebum/ Bacteria Control"was enough to last for Korea and so I gamely took a shot. And I guess with the photo I show you above, I can say I am pleased with my sustainable clear skin. 
Sunproof Sensitive
I didn't exactly got to try their top product The Crux "Corrector Gel" when I was in Korea. But when I came back to our lovely sunny island, I had a huge gigantic pimple at the side of my face and I applied it. For me, it worked better than Oxy. I don't know why but Oxy would leave a little burned mark on my face. So for those who suffer the same problem as me, this could be your solution :)
But my favourite product from them is the Touchy Classy "SunProof Sensitive". Above you can see this photo where I have only put on the product on half my face. It has this matte effect that helps to make your skin looks more even. The best thing it is water-based and is not like foundation. It can be easily removed without clogging your pores. 
Vacuum Bottle
Based on a bar concept, mySKINBAR is one funky brand. (ForFunk only shows you Funky stuff.) The packaging is very interesting. Check out this vacuum bottle whereby the bottom would slowly move upwards each time you pump. Was pretty bummed when I realise the bottle was not recyclable. Also, do check out the website which has a very very intriguing design. Click the links and you shall know.
If you are curious about the scent, let me tell you their products do smell pretty good. The tinge of methanol is light. I think this is just me, but I always favour products which smell good cos I just can't imagine putting something that smells bad on myself. 
I am sure many of you hearing how "Wow" this products are will be now curious with this brand since they really don't have a counter in departmental store. mySKINBAR is actually a local brand. Before you go "woa woa Singapore isn't really specialised in cosemetics", I would like to assure you that all products went through tireless research conducted in Europe and in the USA. 
If you are currently unhappy about the state of your skin, I would suggest you drop them a visit. Eva, the founder and Brenda are very nice ladies and have a genuine soft spot to help people with skin issues. I think most importantly, consultation at mySKINBAR is very comfortable and is not at all pushy. I mean when you are pretty much in the rut and seeking help, the last thing you would really want is for someone to cash in on your misfortune.
Contact Details
I am leaving their contact details here for those who need it. Cheers to breathable skin. :)

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