Friday, June 5, 2015

Review: Flower Power in a Dome with FredaEco

Am pretty sure her works are inspired from the flower dome at Gardens by the Bay. If you are non-Singaporean, you should really check out our somewhat manicured greenhouse, which in my opinion is artificially gorgeous and in a very beautiful way.
Flower Dome
For nature lovers of you out there who feels that the greenery and flowers are very very close to your heart, I am going to show you something that you can literally place it next/near to your heart. :)
I am sure many of you have heard of ways of preserving flowers, plants and etc. in a glass. The more familiar example would be terrarium. The flower dome glasses are also something along the line, just that it is smaller, more portable and you can swing it on your neck.
Flower Dome
Presenting the beautiful dome necklaces from FredaEco. If you are a fan of vintage, it will be love at first sight for you with these necklaces that has a rustic charm. This necklaces are light and very easy to pair with. I think it goes particularly well with simple, block-coloured attires.
There are different variations of the contents, wit mosses and flowers of different types. I personally prefer more vibrant flowers versus pastel petals and green mosses. It really depends on your individual taste. I just think I am a more colourful person so something too pastel though nice on the eyes would not reflect my personality that well.
Flower Power
For my readers, you can use this exclusive promo code: FloralDome20 which will let you enjoy a 20% off your purchase for standard necklaces. This applies for everything except for the dandelions. Each standard necklace cost $19.90, but with the code, you would only have to pay $15.90. This means a whooping saving of $4. 
What you see online is really what you get. And it all comes in a pretty floral box. The flowers still look fresh and lovely. The flowers like daisy will never wilt as they are dried so they will retain both their colour and shape for eternity. They are best stored in dry places. However baby breathes and roses may fade a little in time.
Will You Marry Me
So if you want to have a proud accessory to show your love for the outdoors and always have a breathe of nature wherever you go, you can make use of the code to make your purchase. The code only last 2 weeks from now!!!
So will you love me till I wilt? For better or for worse?Find Freda Eco at InstagramCarousellFacebook or Etsy

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