Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Princess and her Bling: Shinine Designs

Procrastination at work, received it after I came home from Korea, but only write about it now. :(
If the design of your blings matter a whole lot to you, you will be in love with Shinine Designs. Like many other online hobbist, Angeline, the owner does customisation for bracelets, necklaces, key rings, rings etc. However, what really set her merchandise apart from the others is the design.
Shinine Designs
This is just a light teaser of what she has on her site. The biggest issue you might face is that she doesn't repeat any of her designs. I was so in love with the purple earrings but once it is sold, it will never be replicated. You don't risk the danger of a fashion clash on the street but you might suffer from heartbreak if your fingers are too slow.
Overall, her designs are dainty, classy and very elegant. You can proudly wear them to functions without feeling cheap (even though the price leans towards cheap for such design intricacy) or under-dressed.  
I received a jade version of the purple "rose" earring. Jade leans towards the mature side while purple is more flirty. But nonetheless, I still adore the "jade" earrings simply because it is still breathetakingly gorgeous and it is probably more value for money in the long-run since I can wear it till I am a mature woman!
The necklace in comparison has a simpler design. But what really makes it looks more expensive than it is, is the little pearl at the clasp. I am not sure if you all noticed, but brands that are not run of the mill usually has a little pearl at the clasp or the zip. :)
Happy Customer
Usually, the rule of thumb I use to gauge how appealing the accessories and apparels are, are by the feedback I received and how unbecoming my Mum would suddenly become. If she starts coming up with bullshit like confiscating the piece for her own, you know this is one gem.
In fact, she even wants to replace the piece with real precious stones cos she thinks it is worth it. Pardon, if I sound like an over-zealous evangelist of Shinine Designs, that is cos I love their work and design really a lot. Hope you too appreciate the quality of their handmade blings. 

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