Thursday, June 18, 2015

Last Min Father's Day Deals

bought your father's day gifts yet? No worries if you haven't got them yet. Introducing the TheBacky4rd, it is an online shopping platform that specialize on Men's fashion. Set up by a few close friends who believe in fashion and dressing well. It came about with the vision of bringing the best trend and fashion for men to dress well with confident.
So if your Dad is a fashion-conscious Papa, you might be able to find some nice apparels for him. My personal favorites are the bottoms and tops with subtle details. My Dad is not very flashy but is not into plain stuff so these are some designs I feel he would like. Especially stylish slim-fit chino long pant, which I find it simple yet smart looking. The coloured pants is pretty in right now and will make Daddies more youthful and vibrant.
Men's clothing have never been cheap. Female's clothes are a lot cheaper, maybe that's why we have a lot more (money to spend on) variety.TheBacky4rd ensures quality clothing at an affordable price tag. Taking into consideration of the current male fashion market trend, the responses to their  first collection was overwhelming. Currently, they have just launched their second collection, and for my readers, we have a promo code that will give you additional discount.
Of course, this is a Father's Day Discount, but this doesn't mean you can't make use of the code to make purchases for the other men in your life or for yourself. Just quote "ForFunk" from 17th Jun 2015 to 26th Jun 2015, and you will get:
i) 15% off your first item
ii) 25% off total bill when you buy 2 items and above
Men or women, fashion presents the best in us. Ending off with logo, cos I thought the tuxedo looks really adorable. It says quite a lot about the TheBacky4rd - classy and elegant. The "4' in their yard shows their love for tiny detailing as can be seen in their clothing collection. 

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