Friday, June 26, 2015

Etsy Craft Party 2015

Etsy Craft Party
I was kindly invited by the sisters behind Simply For Love to the annual Etsy Craft Party held in Singapore. This is the third party and this time around, I will be getting the chance to explore paper crafts. Kinda bummed I missed the last one cos I am definitely more interested in create arts out of photos. I have lots of photos!
The event is held in The Playtent. It is a really nice intimate setting, a good place to hold children's birthday party. In fact, if you do have kids, I would really suggest joining the Craft Party next year. I am very sure the kids would enjoy it. The paper craft is rather manageable and the kids around us enjoyed themselves throughly.
Craft Party
There were also Partner Crafters who helped to make this event possible and fun.
1. Alfie De Meow - I have heard of them even before the event for their cat-themed jewelry. 10% of their profits go to the welfare groups in Singapore. Their designs are pretty awesome and I am sure you would love them!
2. ParadeMade - Rubber handcrafted stamps inspired by sights of nature and patterns in our daily life. Having shipped more than a 1000 stamps, this is a pretty trusted place to visit if you would like to own a rubber stamp. It is pretty in at the moment. Psst...even I have one. Hahaha!
3. The Cotton Shoppe - This place specialises in fabric craft. Having a huge selection of fabrics, this is a store that could cater to all your wants. Plushies, bags, cushions, clutches, as long as they can be sewn, they will all be stitched to life. Pretty exciting isn't it?
4.Azallea Crafts - The socks pals are just awesomely cute. Well, they sure do have other works that you can check out. But my favourite handicraft are the socks creatures!!! <3
5. By The Art Bug - The last of the diverse group, you may want to check them out if you are into patterned art, printed posters etc. This is a nice place to find something sophisticated to display on your working desk or place them at home.
Art Collage
Quite a lot of activities there for me to try out, but I only did one cos I knew how to do the paper weaving already. I really like the concept of the collage though but had something on so I couldn't witness it completion and didn't get to win the lucky draw :(
It is overall a wonderful experience, apart from the fact that most photographers seems to enjoy taking photos of the BF work rather than mine. He takes personal delight knowing he is the more creative one between us 2. I personally enjoyed going around to see what every one was doing *Monitoring creativity like a supervisor!*
Nice House
Thought I will end off the post with a nice photo I took of a building while I was leaving. Good times are indeed short-lived. After I left the event, I
- stepped on gum -.-
- got barred entry from my college
- was locked out of my house once again.
So, conclusion of the day: Be Cherophoic! And seeya next year at the Esty Party. You can come mock my really terrible art abilities. 

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