Friday, June 12, 2015

SATC: Carrie Name Bracelet

Fans of Sex and The City Alert!!! You are going to be so in love with what I share next. Never heard of SATC, oh then you are missing out. I watched its first movie and I have to say it has a very relatable storyline and fashion must follows. Guys, oh please it is Sex and the City, not Sex IN the City, neither is it just sex.You just don't get it, and maybe you may never will :P
And so, one of the trendiest accessories Carrie wore was the name necklace or the Carrie's necklace whichever you may know it by. Apart from her, various fashion icon (whether formal celebrities or informal online bloggers) started hanging them on their necks. And it became a huge, huge fad. 
And even when we thought the whole craze would die down, come on do you really want every stranger to know you? You wanna be that high profile?!? It never did. Everyone wants a piece of Carrie. Or more succinctly, everybody really just wanted a piece of themselves. It is more of a self-love narcissist theory that is raging within us. A proud badge to show the world how much you love yourself, no matter how ridiculous it may sound, I want it too!!!
Feeling pretty smug and mighty now, I am very pleased with myself for finding such a good deal to share. I am sure your (significant) other half absolutely don't get the whole excitement cos it doesn't make neither sense nor cents to them to spend on fashion. But for my female readers, we know we are squealing for :) #guysjustdongetit
Name Bracelet
Jiang Jiang~~ Swee Swee Swee. It is just so pretty! Just in case you are wondering what an unnaturally slim neck I have, that is my wrist, not my neck. There are now plenty of variations of the name necklace, transcending to ring and bracelets etc. I do wear a permanent key of life (to hook all the WOW guys and deceive them I am the "life" of their reality life.). So I was deciding between the ring and the bracelet. I am saving the ring for "the" wedding ring, I hope, so I went for the more subtle yet not that invisible bracelet.
Maybe, I will set a new trend for the ladies who don't want to be too flashy with their names. The last thing we want is to have too many cheesy pick-up lines from strangers at bars who claim they not only met us somewhere, but actually remember our names too. Ya right *roll eyes*
Cert of Authencity
It is the real deal cos it even comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. I inspected the bracelet and spotted a 925 printed on it. And this deal comes from a humble shop - OnlineStore, which in a way is true to its name. The necklaces are imported if you are wondering why the price could look that decent. I opted for the Sterling Silver which is 92.5% pure silver and it is around SGD50. I am sure you could get such stuff cheaper outside. But I don't want my name to tarnish. (No pun intended, but reputation is important, yea?) So, I think the price is still reasonable for me.
The OnlineStore also provides great variety. You can opt for Gold, solid or plated, or be like me go for Silver. Many type of fonts are available as well. And you can find uncommon name rings and the traditional name necklace there! If you need a box or gift bag, you just need to top up $7 (comes with custolmised tag as well). Waiting time is roughly 2 weeks, so it is still within comfortable waiting range. Variations of the chain length is possible. I went for 6.5" but it is hanging loosely on my wrist. Word of advice, it looks better tight.

Posted by Online Store on Sunday, April 26, 2015
The name necklace is a great gift for your girl pals. It would grow in time to hold sentimental memories and priceless despite being rather inexpensive. For me, I do feel the name necklace signifies independence, strength and some indulgence, characteristics of modern women. It is not really something that I want to receive from my boyfriend but a present I want to receive from my sister sorority.
Guys, do not fret. OnlineStore has a good selection of customised products fit for important occasions. The feature video summarizes it all. And to end off, a link to their Facebook

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