Friday, July 31, 2015

The heroic run

Justice League Run
Runners alert, there is a latest challenge in town. Keep your Sunday morning (31 Aug) free because the heroes need your help. Presenting the Justice League Run, you can be part of the Man of Steel (Team Superman), go to the dark side as The Dark Knight (Team Batman), Woman Power anyone (Team Wonder Woman), Team Green Lantern , or the best bet of this race (Team Flash).
Regardless of who you choose, this is going to be one exciting adventure for DC fans with loads of activities and merchandise available. All runnes will get an exclusive running singlet designed especially for the team that you’ve chosen to represent and to spur you on, there will be a one of the kind medal waiting for you at the end of the finishing line!
Justice League Tee
If you are a person who is into fashion, these are the 3 nicest Tees in my opinion! The colours are the brightest and the design is more fancy.The superheroes I am more familiar with are Batman and Superman. But I like supporting girl power...Geez, Flash is for sure going to win. Decisions, decisions, decisions and the bummer news, the extra singlets are all sold out. :(
Let me tell you what you are fighting for...your biggest nemesis would be to wake up at...7am for the flag off. Thank god Sentosa isn't too far from my house. So see you guys there! is the last day for early bird registration. Normal registration close on 14 August. Click on the link here to register!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Toy Story: Micro Block Sailormoon

Previously, I did a fortune cat nanoblock and it was effortless. This time round I challenged myself to do Sailormoon. And it was...a humbling experience.
Overall, I think it looks good right. (Hope you can't tell I modified it a little) There was so many steps (and errors). Halfway I just didn't want to do any more recordings cos I would look dumb. So this time round, it is all photos! *Give myself a big thumbs up*
And why is it so difficult to build? It is partially cos of the blocks. They are not the real nanoblocks. They are like the cheap imitation, BoYu microblocks. I am not sure of their origin. China maybe? The biggest difference is that BoYu microblocks has no grids!!! It makes them flexible, but fragile as well.
In terms of pricing, it is half the price of the originals.@beau.SJ is the cheapest in town at S$6. BoYu in comparison has more variety for designs and is more generous with the number of spare bricks. 
BoYu blocks are more intricate in the sense they have so many blocks of different shapes and sizes. As I am not comparing apples to apples, so I can't be sure if it is true for all cases. But at least for Sailormoon Vs Fortune Cat, the Sailormoon is much tougher. 
MicroBlocks Even though BoYu is an imitation goods, it doesn't compromise on its attention to detail. Check out Serena's dress. Whether from front or back, it is both gorgeous. The biggest problem I had was with the legs, because there was no grids, her legs were pretty much sliding.
You can't tell from the pictures, but the whole architecture is pretty flimsy. You definitely have to put it in a protective box and keep it away from young children. The different body parts are easily dismantled.
As promised, the photos as I pieced Serena together. Overall, I would suggest BoYu bricks if you are a "build" fanatic. If you want something that is more ornamental, you may want to opt for the originals instead.
It is a really nostalgic design isn't it? If you have no clue who Princess Serena is, it just means you are really young or really old :P So which one are you?
Sailor Serena
Oh yeah, if you want to get any BoYu microblocks, you can quote "YoungYawn" and receive 10% discount off your total bill when you spend S$25 or above @beau.SJ on Instagram!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

4D Adventureland

Today was an extraordinarily fun day. :) I think maybe cos I was sickly for so long. A long outing out this just seems so exhilarating in comparison. It was dreary raining day today. Dashed off to the 4D Adventureland early in the morning cos we had free tickets :) :) :)
Online, there are pretty much mixed reviews. I did think that anyone with motion sickness would absolutely puke through the rides. But if the BF survived it without a green face, I am pretty sure anyone could.
4D adventure
Because the BF was utterly convinced that it was not value for money, we did not top up for "Pirates". We just went on the typical 3 unlimited rides. Plus the place was not as well-maintained as the rest of Sentosa, which shouldn't be the case. So it doesn't really give you the confidence to upgrade your tickets.
1. Desperados
Believe it or not, I went on the ride 4 times. Lol! Cos it was pretty fun and it had a show every 5 minutes. Plus my Mum wanted to get into the list of top shooters before we could leave. Actually, BF, Bro and I are always in the top few. BF is always 1 rank behind me. No one can come between us. LOLOL! That's how tight we are. But it is really the most addictive ride there. And seats does somewhat matter although technique is definitely more important.
2. Extreme Log Ride
The first time I took it, I was really far from the screen. I had no idea why people were even screaming. The second round, I took the first row centre seats, and I started yelping. My whole impression of the ride changed. It is so much more exciting if you are right in front cos your vision is not obscured. Everything is just more realistic. Not much of a storyline, but you are being tossed and turned everywhere. I think if 4D effects were thrown into this ride, it would have been my immediate favourite. So, remember, pick a good seat.
3. Journey 2
Most online reviews said this was the best, because it had the most effects. You could smell stuff; you felt this and that. It had a star-studded cast. But it was pretty much like Shrek from USS. Not that special, that's my verdict. I think why everyone raves about it simply because the seats just doesn't matter. If you didn't get good experiences on the 2 rides, Journey 2 becomes fantastic in comparison. 
Overall, I still think 4D Adventureland is kinda of expensive if you compare it to S.E.A Aquarium, which is much cheaper and more impressive. The queues are longer than the rides, that explains the ridiculous selfies I do to entertain myself. But everything in Sentosa is expensive, so well maybe for a tourist, it is worth it.
The rides made my tummy the right side up,so that was great. At least I don't have to rush home halfway. And I am convinced that I am an ace shooter and in times of war, I will 代(夫)从军! (Mulan Joke)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Review: Love me, Lock me!

When you reach a certain age in life, most people would actually hope to own a branded piece or 2. Let's be realistic, sometimes due to certain commitment you just can't afford it. And, luxury goods are actually priced a lot higher. Although it is of first grade quality, you can an unbranded, identical good at a much lower price. Because, you are actually paying for status.
But some status symbol really do have great designs. Replicas are pretty popular right now, so today, I will introduce you a store that was created with the intention to offer reliable preorders for high quality items.
This is the only place I know of where you don't have to pay up in full for P.O. Yeap, you know how dangerous you can get if you meet dishonest sellers and you are buying in huge bulk. At Minkfly, only 25% of the item price is collected as a deposit. Only when the item is in Singapore, the balance would be collected. Within 2 working days after payment verfication, your purchase will be mailed out!
As you can see, the items are well wrapped in brown paper. Looks great as a gift. It will be safely bubble wrapped as well. Also, to set worriers' heart to ease, in the boxes, all your items are properly secured as well. Phew!
Bling Bling
The Cartier Love Bracelet in Silver I received look super real! In fact, it is even the latest design. Now we all know why it is one of the more popular pieces at Minkfly! Please be careful though, if you are going to Europe, you better not wear this in. Students and people who don't want to spurge too much, this is a bracelet not to be missed.
Do you know why it is called the love bracelet? Because it is really quite a unique piece that let 2 people lock their heart to each other. It is almost like a ring, just that it has a less cliche and fancy philosophy to it. 

As you can see from the video, the love bracelet is pretty easy to put on by yourself. But I do feel that it is more romantic to get your partner to do it for you. There is a guy's version as well. So if your man is quite into fashion, he may like it. My BF is not into accessorising himself. So no chic bangle for him.

But he did have fun screwing me up. *No pun intended* Of course, I do feel that it is almost a modern chastity belt. Locking yourself for one true love. Imagine your partner locking it and keeping it. Hehe. I still find this an interesting concept. But if it wasn't launched by a luxury brand, it probably won't get the attention it truly deserves. :(
Apart from preorders, Minkfly also offers stock items (most of which are extras for preorders). My Fairytale Little Pearl Rabbit Ring which comes in an adorable macaroon case is an instock item. It is really cute and the design is intricate. The ring case is really useful for storing your small accessories when you bring them overseas. Plus it is really adorable, I think it makes a really nice gift case. But sorry, I am keeping it for myself!
The Bvlgari bracelet I don't think is on sale yet. Initially, I pretty like Hermes necklace, until I saw Bvlgari. Just on a side note, I think Bvlgari has the nicest engagement rings design although I know a lot of people go for Cartier though. Bvlgari has a simple but loud presence. This is currently my favourite going out necklace. It goes with everything cos its black on a rose gold chain.
In future, Minkfly would also be branching into handmade and personalised accessories. The selection will be wider! So just for my readers, you will get a 20% off when ordering if you quote "FORFUNK". There is no minimum purchase require. I will be putting this on my side banner as well, just in case you guys miss it.

All purchases, with or without my quote, comes with free registered mail. So, don't worry about lost mails. To be doubly safe, I would recommend to opt for PayPal payment method and you will get to enjoy the buyer protection that Paypal offers. So have fun shopping!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Funky Find: Cartoon Me Chanrio

Big Head
This is the head shot of my boyfriend. It looks exactly like him (created it by referring to a collection of his pics), classic bowl shape hair with that messy thick eyebrows with that straight smile. I couldn't add in those dimples...Grrr. 
This is a pretty fun website, so I had to share it with you all. I am bo liao like that. Go on to Chanrio if you want to create your cartoon self. Suggest you can do it for a couple game - creating each other.
Or...maybe not, since it will probably lead to unnecessary heartache and frustration. I think my BF picture of me is grossly disappointing. He created 2 shitty images that look nothing like me. One is pure obscene and the other, the hair colour is wrong. This just proves one thing, I am a better observer.
Okay, maybe the first photo looks slightly more like me when I had short hair. I think I know which photo he was referring to. Even the weekend bag seems correct. And the cat hairband, I have a zillion pictures with them. :) Conclusion: He deserves some credit.
And so, they live happily ever after in Chanrio land, wearing traditional Japanese costumes (just to have couple wear). I think this photo I created on how I look is more reflective of my wind-blown hairstyle and perceptual sleepy face. :)
Just realise our couple name could possibly be an inauspicious- Poopplern. Is this why my tummy hurts so much lately? Cos we are just so full of shit. LOL! Have fun with Chanrio.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Funky Find: Do you believe in spirits?

I don't really believe in such hocus-pocus but it seems pretty accurate since I am practically my bf's spirit animal match. Yeah~!~
My Mum and Bro tried it out and it seemed to be quite a spot on. You could try it too, just for fun. The link is here. Enjoy~!~


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I have been featured....

Well, yeah my post has been featured! 
Ok, I think it was one of my better underwriting works, so I am pretty glad that it is shared. Perhaps it will open more doors for me. *Winks* If you want to check out other bloggers' work, you can click here.
Lately, my copywriting luck is on a roll. Sort of-ish. Had more opportunities of exposures. But some are pretty much fool's gold. One particular PR/ Event Planning "Global" Firm seriously pissed the shit out of me. You know when people "winning the battle yet feeling like you lost the whole war". Yeah, that's what they make me feel...awful, used, condescending, leaving such a terrible after taste.
I could totally write a whole rant about it. But I won't cos I am a professional in copywriting. I will just write a white paper on "The effects on Poor PR" instead some day when I am in the mood for some intellectual work. Bleh.
-In the mood to grief-

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Toy Story: Gonna Catch Em All @beau.SJ

Ashley Ketchup
This is where it all begins. This day may start out like any other, but this is a special day for me. This is the day I am going to embark on my own Pokémon adventure! I will travel the world, see a lot of interesting places (oh really) and meet lots of interesting people. But most of all, I will set out to become one of the greatest Pokémon trainers the world has ever known.
Hello, I am Ashley Ketchup, the female Ash Ketchum. I also have a Pikachu, who won't stay in his Pokéball. Professor Oak says that keeping my Pikachu out of its Pokéball would make it happy. But my Pikachu is mischievous, running around my house appearing in random places. :(
Wild Pikachu
I thought they were different Pikachu (considering he sometimes lie flat on the ground and act like a pillow/ cushion, yet at times crouch on 4 acting like a darn cute pet)  and frantically tossed my Pokéball(s). An absolute waste of my balls and patience. Dad has kindly nicknamed him "Pinocchio?!?" Like WTH. My life is one big joke...It was then I knew I will never be a Pokémon master. 
But still, Pinocchio makes a good pet cos he is so fluffy and is adorable beyond words. Unfortunately, Professor Oak doesn't gift his kind for free in reality. Just SGD30! For the premium price, you get to pet soft lavish fur, and ooo at his fat cute face. Super adorable, even my Dad is in love with him.
Pika Pika
uh-oh.Pinocchio is angry and want to go back into his Pokéball. Guess it's kinda late...I want to curl back into my own nest too. If you want to get your own Pokémon, you can find Professor Oak @beau.SJ on Instagram. He has now come out with Nano-style, Socks-Style versions of Pokémon!!! Quote "YoungYawn" and you can get 10% discount off your total bill when you spend S$25 or above!
I hope didn't make you feel too nostalgic. If so, it just means you are my era and we are both so old-skcool. Purposely spelling with a "cool" to make us feel so much better of our older selves. Hehe. SG50, I guess, flashback to the past. There will be so much more coming up!