Friday, July 31, 2015

The heroic run

Justice League Run
Runners alert, there is a latest challenge in town. Keep your Sunday morning (31 Aug) free because the heroes need your help. Presenting the Justice League Run, you can be part of the Man of Steel (Team Superman), go to the dark side as The Dark Knight (Team Batman), Woman Power anyone (Team Wonder Woman), Team Green Lantern , or the best bet of this race (Team Flash).
Regardless of who you choose, this is going to be one exciting adventure for DC fans with loads of activities and merchandise available. All runnes will get an exclusive running singlet designed especially for the team that you’ve chosen to represent and to spur you on, there will be a one of the kind medal waiting for you at the end of the finishing line!
Justice League Tee
If you are a person who is into fashion, these are the 3 nicest Tees in my opinion! The colours are the brightest and the design is more fancy.The superheroes I am more familiar with are Batman and Superman. But I like supporting girl power...Geez, Flash is for sure going to win. Decisions, decisions, decisions and the bummer news, the extra singlets are all sold out. :(
Let me tell you what you are fighting for...your biggest nemesis would be to wake up at...7am for the flag off. Thank god Sentosa isn't too far from my house. So see you guys there! is the last day for early bird registration. Normal registration close on 14 August. Click on the link here to register!

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